The media, be it television, radio, newspaper, or otherwise, is the public’s primary access to what’s happening in the community, state, nation, and world. The public is, in this way, exposed only to what the media chooses to present and the media’s version of events. How much power do you think the media has over the public, and can this power be trusted?

  • Instructions
  • Write a traditional academic essay that poses an argument to the assigned prompt. The essay should accomplish all of the following tasks:
  • 3 Pages
  • Include at least 2 credible sources to support your argument and at least 1 credible source that opposes your argument
  • Build your credibility as an author by incorporating the 3 Rhetorical Appeals (Ethos, Pathos, Logos)
  • Have a clear purpose for making the argument by establishing through the argument what you plan to achieve with the argument (a call to action, a refuting of a common believed assumption, the presentation of a new idea, the solving of a problem, etc)
  • Use proper English grammar and syntax to the best of your ability
  • Citations: Informal research only. At least 4 sources cited using textual, parenthetical, and works cited citations