Date: June 30, 2015

Sample Essay: Aging and the Ensuing Change in Role and Status

Every human being must undergo the process of aging where various changes or transformations occur. Changes are experienced concerning one’s physical fitness, mental health, financial state, social relation and his or her role and status in the society. As far as roles and status are concerned, an individual tends to be regarded more highly as he or she progresses in years (Johnson & Mutchler, 2014). Continue reading

Importance of Social Media for Businesses

Paper instructions:

Discuss a company that effectively using social media and one that is ineffectively using social media.  For each company,provide a summary of how the company is using social media and how it might impact the company’s business or industry.  Discuss both positive and negative impacts of what the company is doing.  Give reasons to support your analysis.  Provide a link to the company’s website.You may use articles in a business or IT publication that talks about a company’s use of social media  or Web 2.0 to help you find appropriate companies. Continue reading

Importance of Online Security for a Business

Paper instructions:

Based on an interview with a properly documented security professional, or on independent research that includes at least three sources, or on both, write a paper that explores the role security plays in protecting an organization’s assets. Incorporated into the document should be a discussion of the security director’s various professional responsibilities (including loss prevention, investigation, and administrative and managerial functions) and the critical skills required for him or her to succeed; the importance of internal and external relationships to the fulfillment of the security department’s mission; and the broad spectrum of activities in which security operatives involve themselves to protect an organization’s assets. Continue reading

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