Date: November 3, 2015


legality of dronesPaper instructions:

Discuss why drones should be legal. The paper should be 5 pages. Continue reading

Industrialization in Asian Countries in the 19th century

industrialization in asiaPaper instructions:

In 2000 words, discuss the history of industrialization and its effects Continue reading

Stress Management

stress managementPaper instructions:

Using any or all of the 3 article databases in the APUS Online Library (Proquest, EBSCO, and/or the LexisNexis) research the topic you have chosen in Week 3, and write an essay in which you inform the reader about the topic. Continue reading

Obama Care

obama carePaper instructions:

Write a 1000 word paper explaining how Obamacare has improved the living standards Continue reading

What factors are holding back the Baltic States from joining the EU?

european unionPaper instructions:

Research what factors are holding back Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania from joining the EU. Continue reading

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