Date: November 16, 2015

Burnout in Nursing

nurses burnoutPaper instructions:

The body of this paper must include the following: your writing must be original I will be sending it to a plagiarism checker, prior to releasing payment. Continue reading

To what extent is American Apparel an Ethical Company?

american apparel analysis ethicsPaper instructions:

To what extent is American Apparel an Ethical Company? Continue reading

Population Control in China

population control in chinaPaper Instructions:

You will write a 5–7 page about Population Control in China Continue reading

Personality Factors in Drug Use

personality and drug usePaper Instruction:

Write a 7-page paper about Personality factors in drug use

For this course, you’re going to write a term paper, sometimes called a literature review. You will review five professional-level sources, such as journal articles or books, on a single topic. Continue reading

Under Armour

under armour analysisPaper Instructions:

Company in Focus: Under Armour

Identify three to five macroeconomic variables that affect the demand for and/or supply of the products or services produced by your company or industry. Continue reading

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