Date: November 21, 2015

American Presidency

american presidencyPaper instructions:

Discuss in detail the qualifications for one to become an America president in the 1964 Constitution and the changes in today’s Constitution.  Continue reading

Women in Philosophy

women in philosophyPaper instructions:

This is a research style paper and not an argument. In your writing, you are also going to practice using Internet research and citations. Continue reading

Influencing Public Healthcare

influencing public healthcare americaPaper instructions:

You have been asked to serve on an advisory committee for your states Department of Public Health (Iowa). Continue reading

US Presidential Candidate

election_2016Paper instructions:

BACKGROUND: Election years can become very contentious, with many candidates arguing about policy issues that affect all Americans. Even within a party, the presidential candidates may not agree how to approach policies like immigration, abortion, healthcare, etc. Continue reading

Monetary Policy

monetary policyPaper instructions:

According to the Europe Central Bank website, the treaty establishing the Europe community “makes dear that ensuring price stability is the most important contribution that monetary policy can make to achieve a favorable economic environment and a high level of employment.” Continue reading

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