Date: November 23, 2015

Impact of Reaganomics on the Economy

reaganomicsPaper instructions:

Write a 10-page paper on the impact of Reaganomics on the economy. Use statistics and sources to back up info. Continue reading

Is technology taking our jobs?

is technology taking our jobsPaper instructions:

7 pages paper on “is technology taking our jobs?” With at least 10 scholarly sources Continue reading

Lung Cancer

cancer treatmentPaper instructions:

Discuss in detail the Lung cancer in terms of causes, diagnosis, treatment/care. Continue reading

Illegal Immigration in the United States

Illegal Immigration americaPaper Instructions:

Topic: Illegal Immigration in the United States

For your third essay I want you to take an informed and argumentative position involving a different topic or idea different from your previous paper. Continue reading

African American Experience Since 1965

african american experiencePaper Instructions:

Your analysis should cover the African American Experience SINCE 1965. Continue reading

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