Day: September 9, 2019

Conditions to Evaluate in Market Entry Decision Making


What local market conditions in the host country need to be evaluated in making market entry decisions? Think about risks as well as benefits. Share a real-world example of a firm that has managed these conditions (or not) and whether they were successful.

A Day Without Computers


Describe what a typical day in your life would be like if all computers in the world “went on strike” that day. This should be in the first person, “I”, format

Political, Social & Economic Factors that Caused the Civil War

What political, social and economic factors caused the Civil War? How did certain groups, like American Indians, African Americans, and women, contribute to these factors?

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How can a Company Effectively Choose International Intermediaries?


When entering a new market, most companies rely on a partner in the host country to provide expertise about the local market along with access to other local channel members. The success of this partnership is very important. What should a company look for in selecting international intermediaries?

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How did Political States Grow their Economies?

Credit: gulfnews’.com

What do you think allowed fledgling political states like England and the Netherlands to grow their economies in the seventeenth century? How, if at all, was the Reformation a factor in this?

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