Day: October 10, 2019

Strong Writing & Writers Don’t Need Revision


Read the article “Strong Writing and Writers Don’t Need Revision” by Laura Giovanelli (pp. 104-108) and describe the contents of the article. Who do you think the article is speaking to? How is the author’s message being made? Why does that message matter?

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Why We Don’t Forget How to Ride Bicycles


It is true that you never forget how to ride a bicycle. Why might this be? In what type of memory is information about bicycle riding stored?

Human Intelligence & IQ


Define cognition and the processes of thinking, mental imagery, and conceptualizing.
Define the basic components of language and grammar.
Define intelligence and the issues related to its definition.
Discuss the problem of cultural bias in intelligence tests and the attempts to produce a culture- fair IQ test.

Quarantine Vs. Isolation


Find journals about Quarantine, isolation, and other public health control measures and then discuss the differences between quarantine and isolation. Use examples to make your distinctions clear.

Sociology of Medicine and Health


In what ways do you think sociology can enhance the study of the social aspects of health, illness, and healthcare?

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