Day: October 28, 2020

SAMPLE PAPER: Discussion of Findings


Demographic profile of the respondents

Gender and work engagement 

The results of this study show that males mostly populate Nigeria’s banking industry. This result is consistent with other studies’ findings, which show that gender is among the drivers of employee engagement (Tshilongamulenzhe & Takawira, 2015, p.110). Work engagement is assumed implicitly to be neutral, and this gender neutrality indicates that variations in work engagement are down to individual differences. In this context, gender differences are viewed as the social differences between men and women instead of just sex/biological differences (Tshilongamulenzhe & Takawira, 2015, p.110). It derives its meaning from an institutionalized system of social practice rather than an individual property. Like other systems of differences such as race and class, gender reinforces aspects such as resource distribution in hierarchical structures, societies, work practices in organizations, task allocation in families, patterns of interaction between people, and the identities people enact as individuals (Tshilongamulenzhe & Takawira, 2015, p.111). 

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Theories of Moral Development


Which of the two theories is in your opinion is a better motivator of human behavior and why: the divine command theory or the natural law theory?
Compare and contrast hedonism with ethical subjectivism.
Which of the two theories is less convincing and why: psychological egoism or ethical egoism?

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