An annotated bibliography is a genre of research writing that is used to conduct preliminary research on an issue. Your annotated bibliography will identify, summarize, evaluate, and assess the relevancy of sources to your research topic and inform your awareness of your community of study. Select 5 distinct scholarly sources that, collectively, provide various perspectives on a single issue/question/debate. 

For each source you will create an:
• APA or MLA citation for the source
• Paragraph summary of the source that includes the thesis or main point
• Paragraph evaluating the sources using the CRAAP criteria outlined in the week 2 library session
• Statement of purpose that indicates how this source joins the conversation on your topic. 

Following your annotations, you will write a 500-750 word review of literature that synthesizes the content of the sources included in the submission. 

Annotated Bibliography Components
Introductory paragraph: Your introductory paragraph should (a) introduce readers to your topic (the who/what/where/when/why/how of what you’re studying), and (b) offer an overview of the sources you cover (i.e., situates the research within scholarly disciplines and timeframes). 

Citation: Use APA of MLA style throughout your bibliography to format citations. 

Summary: Your summary paragraph should represent your source as a whole and be presented in a neutral fashion (your opinion will come in the evaluative paragraph). Your summary should be a condensed version of the original presented in your own words. Review the supplementary material on Canvas to help with this.