What is the main idea of the article  Effect of Suspect Race on Officers’ Arrest Decisions and why is it important?  What does the author present concerning the major findings of previous research?. What are the supporting points the author(s) presents to support his position? How effective is this information in explaining or supporting the main idea? How does the article compare/contrast to the other readings and the material we covered in class? Based on the readings and other class materials, what opposing arguments can you make? Explain. Are there any additional points you would add to support the author’s position. Is the article well-written and does it present the information in an interesting and organized fashion? Would you recommend the article to a fellow student, a practitioner, or a policy-maker? If the article is discussing an empirical research project, you should highlight the major research question and how the author studied the subject. What conclusions does the author reach based on the results of the study? If the study relied on statistical analysis, you should be able to discuss it without an understanding of the statistical issues. A discussion of the findings of the study will be sufficient