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Is it a Myth or is it True?


We may believe things that aren’t true such as “If you’re happy with your partner you don’t need to be emotionally close to anyone else.” Is this true or false? Present the research on both sides of the argument of true and false statements from a male and female perspective. Write an introductory paragraph telling your reader what your paper is about. Explain what you discovered in your research.

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The Paleoindian People


Where do you think that Paleoindian people in the early Paleoindian period fall within Binford’s Forager-Collector Spectrum? Why? Find information from a Paleoindian site in North American that supports your conclusion. Be sure to include the name of the site, it’s location, the dates of the Paleoindian occupation(s) and what was found there that helps you know how those Paleoindian people were living

Hotel Management Project


For this individual project, you are assigned to open a new hotel / resort in an area of your choice.
You will need to write out a plan that includes the following:

• Your hotel / resort concept
• Staffing and human resources
• Safety and security
• Your marketing plan
• A discussion about your revenue centers and stream of revenue plan
• Local or global issues that may affect your hotel / resort

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The Global Sexual & Reproductive Health


In the documentary Sick Around the World, we see how five other capitalist democracies — the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Taiwan and Switzerland — deliver health care pausing to ask if we in the United States have anything to learn from their successes and their failures. While advanced capitalist countries are formulating their health care policies, many countries in the global south has been reeling under the impact of SAPs, which have serious health implications (Arne Ruckert et al, 2015) and as a result of the US policies there are rising concerns about the global sexual and reproductive health (Boyer, 2019).

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