emotions_affect_essayPaper instructions:

The final paper must be a research proposal that fits within the emotions & affect themes. The research proposal should clearly identify an area related to the science of emotions and affect,  indicate a topic worthy of experimental investigation, provide sufficient but concise background information to frame the problem, propose an experiment that could be conducted to study the problem, pose hypotheses, and then discuss what you might conclude from the various potential outcomes.
Themes for research proposals: The research proposals need to be within the domain of emotions and affect (NOT motivation for this semester), and should be related to one or more specific affect:
(1) What are the effects of anxiety on a complex task (e.g., math problem, driving, military, sports, etc.)?
(2) How can we induce sadness effectively? (e.g., comparing videos, writing, photos, sounds, etc.)
(3) How can we regulate anger effectively? (e.g., distraction, cognitive reappraisal, conversation, music, etc.)
(4) How can we measure one’s emotion effectively? (e.g., facial detection, speech detection, physiological sensing, brain imaging, etc.)
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