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Ethics in the Human Services Profession

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Choose at least 2 ethical standards from each category – clients, community, colleagues, profession and employers – and explain them in your own words.
Explain why you think the ones you have chosen are important to you as a human services professional
Explain how you would apply the standards you have chosen in a professional setting,

Health Educators

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Health educators can be used in a number of ways across different sectors. If you were a health educator, what type of setting would you like to work in? Based on the setting that you would like to work in, what are some possible target populations that you would be working within that setting? What type of health issues would be prevalent based on the target population?

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Public Policy Issue

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identify one public law policy or local ordinance and the implications as well as challenges for local governments or nonprofit agencies regarding the implementation of the policy. In other words, you are to identify a current law, policy, or ordinance and discuss how it is, or is likely to affect the thinking and actions of administrative officials at the local level (whether in a government or a nonprofit agency). The paper must also include a discussion of, and your conclusion about, the impacts of the policy for the community (positive and/or negative).

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Comparing The Big Bang Theory With Other Legends

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Identify three of the essential core elements of the Big Bang story, then select any three cultural stories. Discuss and conclude whether the  Big Bang elements have similarities in any of the three cultural stories. 
The title is clear in its intent: to determine what is really unique to the Big Bang Model relative to the three myths that you selected. Make sure to compare all the core elements of the Big Bang Model to elements of each legend in order to determine which elements of the BB model have no counterparts in each legend.

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GMOs Need to be Excluded From USDA Organic Labeling

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Argue for or against the statement ‘GMOs need to be labeled and excluded from USDA Organic labeling.’ Highlight the current rules for labeling in the United States (individual states?). What are the general goals of USDA Organic labeling? What are the current USDA Organic labeling rules and how do they apply to GMOs? What are the alternative approaches to labeling? Continue reading

An Analysis on Why The Faithful Approve of Torture

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Consider the  article  Why the Faithful Approve of Torture.  From the perspective of, (e.g., Bill Moyers, the Politics of Denial/Raised to Rage, personality, and politics), comment on the article.  You can agree or disagree with the article’s explanation for why the religious appear to support torture, but refer to material whenever you can in your answer. Continue reading

A Comparison of the American and the French Revolution

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The two most destructive events in the history of humanistic progress are revolutions and war because they often occur together and they leave massive disarrangements in society. Although revolutions and war cause deaths, human suffering and reorganization of society, they occasionally the result of modernity creating progress in industry, new impetus for commercial progress, and they redress the inefficiencies in development (Eisenstadt, 2017). Both the American Revolution and the French Revolution were terrible events particularly for people who have so much love and admiration for the aristocracy. For enlightened liberals, the two events were sadly inevitable, regardless of the horror they left behind. In the case of the French, a king and his queen were beheaded and the aristocracy abolished. Continue reading

High Fines for Broadcasting Stations by FCC

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Technological innovations and public resentment of the recording industry contribute to high fines for stations who violate FCC standards. To curtail this trend, the recording industry should include desirable non digital features with Cd’s, and shift focus toward streaming, personal radio formats. Expound on this and propose at least one other institutional solution to this problem. Continue reading

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