contraceptive_pill_essayPaper instructions:

I need a rhetorical analysis
Assignment: To help with the first paper, you will write a mini rhetorical analysis response based on one of the articles we read this unit.

Your response is due the class after we discuss the article and must include your name and section number. The first part of the response must be one paragraph of summary. Then you must do one and a half pages of rhetorical analysis (Was the writer effective with proving his/her thesis? Why? Why not?) Please quote from the article to help your explanation.  Here’s what I have so far…
Summary: In “In Honduras, Battle to Help Sex Assault Victims Spotlights ‘Missing Tool,’” Whitney Eulich reports on the struggle over emergency contraceptive in Honduras. According to Eulich, most teenage pregnancies occur due to rape. The article also informs the audience about the physical and emotional effects of sexual abuse. The writer ends the article with a quote from a source saying that women have little to no say over their bodies and by approving emergency contraceptive they will have a little power.
Analysis: Whitney Eulich effectively proved that emergency contraceptive should be allowed in Honduras by using ethos and pathos.
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