watch video and answer question for this discussion
Textbook required: Henkin, David, and Rebecca McLennan. Becoming America. New York: NY:
McGraw Hill, 2014. Vol. 1. 

1. What did you think of the video? Did it help you retain the information discussed in Chapter 4?

2. How does watching a documentary compare to just reading the textbook? 

3. What are three specific things Professor Miller talked about that you thought was interesting about this time in American history? Did your book describe it in the same way (or discuss it at all)? I will be looking for details here.

4. This documentary is a secondary source. What do you think would be a good primary source discussed in the chapter that you could read to personalize the chapter even more? Please identify the source and include the page number you found it on.

Explain why you selected the source as your example and why you think it is a good source to supplement your studies. There are dozens of primary sources mentioned in the chapter.