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A court Case Analysis


Find a recent case in the past six  months on a Constitutional Law or Tort Law topic and discuss the facts of the case, what happened prior to trial that led up to the case, and the law(s) that were affected. Also, discuss the issues at hand. This will be the topic that you chose; if there are more issues than your topic, just concentrate on your issue, and the trial Courts ruling.  Continue reading

The Stanford Prison Experiment Analysis


What was the Stanford Prison Experiment? What were its findings on power, authority, and group behavior? Your work must include a thesis argument, include evidence and examples , Quotes and case studies. As evidence,  reference the textbook, lectures, articles, and discussion.
Continue reading

An Analysis of the Memorial Against Non-English Immigration


After reading the Memorial against Non-English Immigration (1727), write a brief response to the material. Use this as an opportunity to discuss some of the major issues or themes in the text. While you will need to re-state some of what is in the textbook to formulate your answer, you must elaborate on what you’ve read. Continue reading

Why the Senate Passes Intelligence Bill


Provide a thorough, but brief, summary on why the Senate Panel Passes Intelligence Bill. Present your perspective on this political issue. Continue reading

A Court Case Analysis


Analyze one case that the U.S. Supreme Court or the California Supreme Court has written a decision on preferably within the last five years, although older cases may be selected if of particular interest to the student. The case brief should have a case citation (parties involved and year of the case), brief facts (only the most important facts that the court relied on), issues (the question(s) to be resolved by the court), holding/rule of law (the precedent established by the case, which is the court’s answer(s) to the issue(s), reasoning/rationale (why the court ruled as it did), other opinions (e.g., concurring, dissent), and your own brief analysis. Continue reading

King Arthur’s or Grendel’s Opinion of the Modern World


If King Arthur or Grendel both Mythical people were brought to the modern world. What five events would you ensure that they experience and why ? How would they react to our rules, life styles, and  the political world? How would they dress? (Would they still be in their clothes or would they change in your story)? Continue reading

Orientation in New Belgium Brewing


Giving appropriate examples, discuss whether or not New Belgium Brewing have a compliance-based orientation or a values-based orientation. Also explain  how New Belgium engage in continuous improvement. Continue reading

Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing


Identify an ethical dilemma facing Advanced Practice in Nursing today. Discuss relevant literature on the topic. Identify persons who are affected by the dilemma (not just the patient) and Propose a resolution for the dilemma from a moral, theoretical perspective. Identify ethical concepts within the theory that are relevant to the resolution. Also, identify the legal and regulatory parameters. Continue reading

The Importance of Federalism


Describe the importance of federalism with regards to the Controlled Substance act of 1970.  Use one current source from a news article for an example, not scholarly sources. . Continue reading

Quantitative or Qualitative?


There are two major paradigms of research: quantitative and qualitative. Which of these paradigms are you inclined to participate in or design? Why? Continue reading

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