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Language & Other Cognitive Processes


A woman of some forty years enters my office. She moves very carefully and hesitantly, stopping at the door and waiting. Although she is just my height, she keeps her head lowered in such a way that she has to look up at me. She doesn’t seem sure whether to close the door behind her or wait for me to do it. She waits. She asks where she should sit and I indicate which chair is for my clients, although it is obvious from the configuration of the room. She sits down, removes her shoes, and tucks her legs under her body. She wraps her arms around her body as if to hold herself in and silently waits.

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Which Superhero Would you Bring Back to Life?


Select any superhero (or villain) to “bring to life” for the next ten years and “sell” that choice to the class. Specifically, what could your superhero accomplish in those ten years? What types of large scale problems would he or she be equipped to tackle? Give three reasons why your super hero should be chosen and support your choice with research. Specify three distinct tasks or global areas of concern that your Super Hero could effectively address. An eleven slide PowerPoint and a Works Cited page are required.

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Performance Analysis & Recommendations


You are a new supervisor for one of your company’s departments. You have only been on the job for a couple of days when your manager pulls you aside to express her concern over the department’s performance. She shares the following information with you:

(YTD = Year-to-Date; QTD = Quarter-to-Date; MTD = Month-to-Date; LW = Last Week)
Sales data:
YTD Actual – $720,186, QTD Actual – $325,598, MTD Actual – $64,580, LW Actual – $31,169, YTD Plan – $766,341, QTD Plan – $350,152, MTD Plan – $70,725, LW Plan – $36,053

% of gross margin (GM) plan data: YTD – 98.25%, QTD – 98.47%, MTD – 98.56% LW – 99.11%

% of Employee Availability over Last Year to Date:YTD – 97.00%, QTD – 95.70%, MTD – 95.72%, LW – 94.35%

2. She asks you to investigate what’s been going on in the department to explain the performance data. She also wants you to chart the data and identify any trends you discover. This is good, since you know from your studies that trend analysis is a good way to analyze past performance and make predictions about future expectations.

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Classroom Discipline Plan

  1. Why is it important for early childhood educators to have the learning environment that is clearly organized?
  2. How do developmentally appropriate learning centers and resources promote child guidance and discipline?
  3. Why should activities, such as music, PE, and art be included in the curriculum during the traditional school day?
  4. How should educators have plans and standards in place in the classroom while teaching student what they should know and be able to do?
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Mitigating Health Issues


Toxic Trespass investigates examples of toxic exposure and increased incidences of marker diseases and premature death. What are some of the resources that the public and public health departments use to mitigate the health issues? Who is at the greatest risk for these exposures?

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Mid Summers Night Dream


Read the Mid Summers Night Dream and write as essay of approximately 5 pages answering the following questions.

1. What determines whether A Midsummer Night’s Dream seems comic or tragic? Some scenes could be read as simultaneously serious or funny. Pyramus and Thisby is a tragedy that becomes comedic
when performed by the bumbling craftsmen. It could be said that the comedy in the rest of A Midsummer Night’s Dream has tragic underpinnings as well, since the “happy” elements of the
play—marriage, love, passion, youth, celebration—are underpinned with dark images. Analyze this intermixing of comedy and tragedy in the play. Which characters experience the play as tragedy, and which as comedy, and why?

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