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Hospital Disaster Challenges


Write an essay addressing the Hospital Disaster Challenges. Be sure to use information from at least 3 peer-reviewed and credible resources  to support your claims, while using in-text citations with a reference page.

Analyzing ‘Jackie Robinson & Race in America’ by Thomas Zeiler


Read Thomas Zeiler’s book Jackie Robinson and Race in America, taking note of passages that you may reference in your paper then develop an essay based on a specific thesis statement of your choice. You may wish to consult the questions for discussion on pages 148 and 149 of the Zeiler book.

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Anzalsua’s Experiences as a Chicana


How does Anzaldua’s discussions of her own experiences as a Chicana and the experiences of other people of color illuminate legacies of colonialism?

Adolescence & the Search for Self


We are constantly looking back on important moments in our lives, and in this essay, you will practice writing about special circumstances you have experienced or been intimately connected with that you “grew up on”. Our educational background is related to adolescence and the search for self, it means to narrate and define a critical emphasis about a chosen topic. Writers use their individual styles of narration and description to tell their stories.

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Unique, Unique Composite, Surrogate, & Foreign Keys

  1. Define the term unique key and give an example.
  2. Give an example of a relation with a unique composite key.
  3. What is a surrogate key, and under what circumstances would you use one?
  4. Explain the term foreign key and give an example

Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Advertising of Prescription Drugs


Should prescription drugs be advertised to the general public? Why or why not? What are the risks and concerns? What are the benefits?

Prince Shōtoku of Japan

  1. Why is Prince Shōtoku’s role so crucial in Japanese history? 
  2. What is the most distinctive feature of Japanese feudalism, in your opinion?

Integrity Constraint


Define the term referential integrity constraint and give an example of one. How does the referential integrity constraint contribute to database integrity?

Analyzing Ancient Egyptian Art


Identify, describe, and react to an ancient work of Egyptian art. Be sure to check the date and make sure it fits within the correct timeline.

Energy Conservation Techniques for Arthritis Treatment


Do energy conservation techniques have a more effective outcome in decreasing pain and improving daily functioning in rheumatoid arthritis patients compared to therapeutic exercises?

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