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Should the Government Fund Space Travel?


Give three reasons for or against government support of NASA. Is government- sponsored space travel a waste of taxpayer money? What portion of the constitution covers the creation of NASA? Continue reading

Reasons for Banning Books in Schools


Give three reasons why you think a particular book should be banned from elementary, middle school, or high school library bookshelves. Or discuss why three books should be banned as opposed to one book. Be sure to give three reasons for banning each book. Feel free to ask the representatives at the Library about historically Banned Books. This is a discussion about the value or non-value of certain pieces of literature and freedom of the press as well as what constitutes educational materials. Continue reading

What Constitutes Free Speech


Neo-Nazis want to speak on a college campus. Their stated goal is ‘to make trouble.’ Give three reasons why they should be allowed or not be allowed to speak. What constitutes free speech? Read about free speech and  civil liberties. Continue reading

Birth Control Pills Accessibility


Give three reasons for or against over the counter access to birth control pills. Should the government make these products easier/ more affordable for poor women to access or should they continue to be regulated by doctors (which means money for office visits and the added expense of pill). Continue reading

Healthy Ways of Addressing Stressors



This Creative Reflection Essay will focus on how to cope with specific stressors which are unique or common to this group. In addition to educating them about what these stressors are and how to better manage or cope with the stressors, you will also be raising their awareness of community resources to support them in doing so. The focus of your educational effort will be to raise their awareness about the sources of the stress, educating them about better/more healthy and more productive ways to address their common stressors.

Continue reading

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Credit: news.vse42. ru

What were the origins and development of the trans-Atlantic slave trade? Explain how long-distance seafaring and trading post empires played a role in this development.  Also, explain the different stages in which the enslaved came from Africa and worked in the New World plantation complex? Continue reading

Learning Multiplication Through Visual Art


Brainstorm a way of learning  multiplication through visual art. Include a picture of what this might look like. Create a way to represent subtraction through movement. Try to include a picture of what this might look like. Create a geometrical collage by using an arts program on the computer. Use a minimum of 5 geometric shapes. Continue reading

Is Lying On your Resume Ethical?


Is lying on a resume ethical? Why or why not? Use examples. Also be clear whether all forms of lying within the business are unethical? When is lying ethical? Continue reading

Why Should you Care About Ovarian Cancer


Write an essay about Ovarian Cancer. Define the disease and  provide relevant background information.  What are the signs and symptoms? What do you  look for? How do you  find them?  what are the problems involved with diagnoses, if any. Explain in detail the symptoms and describe how the  medication/treatments work . What do the intervention methods  target and how do they work?
Also discuss   the current research on the disease/condition? Are there any new and exciting things researchers are looking into? Why should we care about Ovarian Cancer? Continue reading

UN Guiding Principals


Discuss the potential of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights to act as a pragmatic and principled approach to ensuring corporate respect for human rights and corporate accountability for human rights abuses.  Discuss the effectiveness of at least two soft law mechanisms, such as the OECD National Contact Points and the IFC Compliance Advisory Ombudsman, Continue reading

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