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The Jungle Dual-Position Paper

Upton Sinclair’s 1906 novel The Jungle is about immigration, labor abuse, urban ills and vices, and reform via Socialism—through the lens of Lithuanian-American Jurgis Rudkus using his family’s dealings in Chicago’s meat-packing industry and their lives in “Packingtown.” 

Making use of Foner Chapter 18, the novel The Jungle, and Louise Carroll Wade’s “The Problem With Classroom Use of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle” (see article attached below) please do the following: 

Write two 325-375 word papers (about one and a half pages each) in which you utilize the entire book and Wade’s interpretation of the historical evidence to argue in the first paper that The Jungle is appropriate for use in the classroom setting, and in the second, that The Jungle is inappropriate for use in the classroom setting. 

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A Natural Phenomenon Experience


You work for Eco-Focused Response (EFR), a nonprofit environmental organization that provides resources and support to help communities prepare for and recover from natural phenomena; it also develops and implements strategies to address issues such as pollution, hazardous material, and waste disposal. As part of a community outreach effort, the organization would like to increase understanding of the scientific methods used by the organization and at the same time provide useful information concerning a natural phenomenon and a specific problem related to that phenomenon. The organization asked visitors to their website to identify a natural phenomenon that has impacted them personally and that they would like to learn more about. The top three responses were hurricanes, wildfires, and earthquakes. Your manager has asked you to select one of the top three natural phenomena and create a brief informative article that provides information about the phenomenon and uses scientific methods to explore a specific problem caused by the phenomenon

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Working in the International Business Arena


What is it like to be a business professional working in the international business arena? Your assignment is to interview an individual whose occupation involves significant exposure to international business dealings (sales, purchasing, legal contracts, logistics, marketing, etc.). Get to know what their reality is in adjusting to the challenges created by international implications.

The interview with your subject should last at least 20minutes in length with the preferred format being in-person, via telephone is acceptable, and electronic interviews are the last resort. Review the following questions: Continue reading

Analyzing Womack Army Medical Center’s Strategizing Process


An organization has been identified in which your initiative will be situated. Develop a sense of the organization and its current practices for strategizing, including the players and processes. Begin browsing scholarly literature  which may assist in designing an intervention to improve creativity, learning, and/or innovation for that organization.The organization is Womack Army Medical Center, named after Koren War MoH recipient Bryant H Womak, U. S. Army PFC Medic. You should  devote a slide and a paragraph towards a brief history of the place and who it primarily serves. Its current practices for strategizing will  be more procedural  due to the Army chain of command, but you can shed light on the interactive strategy going on in the nurse’s department to influence higher management.   Continue reading

The Best Companies to Work for in America


Using materials from magazines such as Forbes, Fortune, Working Women, and BusinessWeek, research the best companies to work for in America and the cultures of those organizations. Out of all the companies identified in Step 1, choose two companies where you would most like to work. Write a report on the two companies you have selected. Include what you discovered about the cultures of these two organizations and why you would like to work there. Examine the impact that you think the management has on the organization’s culture. Continue reading

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