An organization has been identified in which your initiative will be situated. Develop a sense of the organization and its current practices for strategizing, including the players and processes. Begin browsing scholarly literature  which may assist in designing an intervention to improve creativity, learning, and/or innovation for that organization.The organization is Womack Army Medical Center, named after Koren War MoH recipient Bryant H Womak, U. S. Army PFC Medic. You should  devote a slide and a paragraph towards a brief history of the place and who it primarily serves. Its current practices for strategizing will  be more procedural  due to the Army chain of command, but you can shed light on the interactive strategy going on in the nurse’s department to influence higher management.  
You need to find out how the upper management does strategy as practice for the hospital. Is it in the shaping, settling, or selling phase? Does management talk about strategy during meetings? How is it articulated? Is it posted on the walls? Do you all have innovation meetings/innovation awards program?