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A Team Security Baseline Analysis


Your team’s security baseline analysis should include an evaluation of network forensics information such as traffic analysis and intrusion analysis, as well as the type of information needed for any future forensics investigations. The team’s evaluation of information needs for network forensics could include what is needed to support security software and hardware across multiple platforms, multiple applications, and multiple architectures in order to communicate with the other nations.You will do this by using security baseline tools to build an audit file and then scan their systems. Continue reading

MBA in Project Management Admission Essay


As a project manager for a government contracting company, discuss your current level of responsibility and decision-making ability in your company. Give an in-depth explanation of the roles that you’re expected to play according to your organization’s strategy. Additionally, give a summary of your career goals for the next five years. What steps do you see yourself taking to achieve these goals? Continue reading

The Labors and Death of Heracles


Identify the origins of the ‘The Labors and Death of Heracles’ myth , including the location and culture of the people who believed it. Briefly summarize the myth from which the quotation has been taken. Introduce the quotation by describing the scene and identifying the speaker(s) if dialogue is quoted. Tell what led up to this moment and explain why it is Important. Continue reading

John, the Flirtatious CEO


John is the CEO of ABC Company and has turned the company around. Prior to John being appointed as the CEO, the company had some financial problems. John came in, made the necessary changes that needed to be made and the company has not only turned around, but it also continues to prosper under John’s leadership. Clearly, John has the business acumen to run a company. However, the issue that has come to light is John’s character. John is married with children but is a flirt inside and outside the company. Within the company, no one has made any formal complaints (e.g., harassment), but everyone is well aware of his flirtatious character, and he does not try to hide it. Outside the company, John has been seen in social settings with other women behaving in a manner that does not appear to be platonic in nature. Continue reading

A Music Album Analysis


Find information about a music album– the title, artist, record label and album, and a listing of musicians performing including their instruments. Describe the artist/group and the project in the first paragraph, with any important information that is related to the whole project. You should include a description of the individual track and musical events that move the writer (solos, group interactions, etc)

Continue reading

Report: Media History from Gutenberg to the Digital Age by Kovarik.


Write a  report on Revolutions in Communication: Media History from Gutenberg to the Digital Age by Bill Kovarik. Summarize the main ideas and issues in the text and briefly evaluate it. Reflect on its connection to your own experience and interests. Continue reading

Socrates the Classical Greek Philosopher


Articulate one particularly puzzling aspect related to Socrates, the classical Greek philosopher and explain how you were able to make sense of it.  Give an overview of what you are discussing- the “Big Picture,” so to speak- within which the more narrow issues rest. The body of the paper should be devoted to what was puzzling or confusing about the issue itself, or if one of the thinkers, offered a thought-provoking answer to the problem of change and opposition, this would be the space to explore those thoughts and to make sense of them. Continue reading

Music & Events


Think of some instances where music is used to shape an event e.g., a sporting event, church service, concert. Think about and describe the ways that you believe the music can help people to bond during a particular event. Does the music support any changes in the mood of the event? Do different genres of music symbolize different things? Are there any underlying issues that you can relate to Balinese music and spatiality? Continue reading

Case Study: The Importance of Personal Selling in Marketing


Personal selling is a crucial marketing tool for both small and large businesses. It is especially beneficial for those companies that deal with high-end products. Their target market is mostly other businesses because dealing with individual customers is uneconomical unless you are selling products such as cars and phones. Continue reading

Resistance in the Change Management Process


The leaders of XYZ Company are preparing to implement a new change within their organization. Some leaders are concerned about the employees not being receptive to the changes and are unclear on what to do. You have been hired by the Board of Directors for the XYZ Company as an external consultant to provide the leaders with guidance on how to deal with resistance to change. Continue reading

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