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Patient Centered Care



Analyze the key concepts of patient-centered care Assignment .  In this writing assignment, you will make recommendations to improve the literacy level of patient education materials 1. A two-page (500-word) paper a. Choose patient education material. Evaluate the material you choose for literacy: i. Choose a patient education material that you routinely give to your patients. ii. Alternatively, go to the National Institute on Aging and choose a health topic written for the older adult. Continue reading

Volkswagen Group Activity


A reflection essay on my experience with the Volkswagen group activity. It should include a review of both my effectiveness as a group member and the effectiveness of the group as a whole. A Theory of reflective practice such as Kolbs learning cycle should be used. The emphasis should be on a critical evaluation not on self promotion. Continue reading

Analyzing Opposing Arguments


Write an essay analyzing two or more essays taking different positions on an issue. You may also draw on other sources for background information or context. Your purpose is to analyze the position essays to understand their authors’ main points of disagreement and to suggest ways to build common ground based on shared values, concerns, needs, and interests. Continue reading

The Token Economy


This case helps you the students to see that supervision goes beyond a one-on-one process, affecting the integration of individual and organizational goals. The new head of a substance abuse program has taken the job because he has strong ideas about how services should be provided and how members of the clinical staff should be treated. Although he has explained his philosophy to all of the new hires, he has not convinced the therapists who were already on staff when he arrived. It soon begins to seem as though all of the staff members have lost their enthusiasm for the work. Continue reading



This assignment involves presenting information from a peer-reviewed scientific study on an organism from a specific taxonomic group assigned to you. Within that group, the choice of organisms is up to you. Presentations should be 3-5 minutes long, and done in PowerPoint.  The following should be discussed: 1. Name the taxonomic group you were assigned, and the organism you chose. If necessary, describe it. Continue reading

Punishment vs Consequence


What are some of the unforeseen consequences of the following practices of punishment: capital punishment, solitary confinement, and panoptic surveillance? Keep in mind that these consequences might affect not just the prisoner, but others as well, and even society as a whole.
Draw on all three of Foucault, Guenther, and Camus in your response. Continue reading




Marketing is a term that is often used by many businesses. It IS a key part of our business structure. Businesses that satisfy the needs of customers and build relationships with their customers will do well in the long term. Please discuss marketing from a ‘creating a relationship’ perspective. Continue reading




After 82 years in existence, Hostess took action to liquidate the company after disagreements with worker unions. The company filed for bankruptcy in January 2012 and, as a measure for restructuring the company, reduced employees’ wages and increased health care costs. As a result, employees became discontented with their work situation and commenced a strike. The company claimed it could not maintain production with so many workers on strike. When Hostess could not come to an agreement with one of the unions, the company announced it was shutting its doors for good.

Although the strike may have been the impetus for the immediate liquidation of Hostess, this is not the only reason the firm has been struggling. Failure to adapt to changing consumer tastes has dwindled sales of the snack cakes over many years. Continue reading

The Media


The media, be it television, radio, newspaper, or otherwise, is the public’s primary access to what’s happening in the community, state, nation, and world. The public is, in this way, exposed only to what the media chooses to present and the media’s version of events. How much power do you think the media has over the public, and can this power be trusted? Continue reading



Select any telecommunication topic on either: Convergence, Cloud Computing, or Security (can be anything that interests you with regard to system security – security your personal computer, social engineering, botnets, etc.). Your paper must be 6 double-spaced pages in length and cited to APA/MLA style guidelines. All papers will be submitted through Safe Assign to ensure that they are not copied from the Internet or other sources. Continue reading

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