This case helps you the students to see that supervision goes beyond a one-on-one process, affecting the integration of individual and organizational goals. The new head of a substance abuse program has taken the job because he has strong ideas about how services should be provided and how members of the clinical staff should be treated. Although he has explained his philosophy to all of the new hires, he has not convinced the therapists who were already on staff when he arrived. It soon begins to seem as though all of the staff members have lost their enthusiasm for the work. What would you do if you were in this situation? Consider such questions as whether it is necessary for all staff members to accept common goals and practices and work as a team and whether employees need clear guidelines affecting their own work behaviors. What do you see as the most important characteristics of an effective supervisory relationship? I will be submitting this paper into If you copy and paste any of your paper this plagiarism website will detect it, so please don’t! You should be conducting your research, paraphrasing what you have found, and citing those sources. If you feel that the author has stated the information just right you may use an occasional quote, but in doing so you MUST use quotations and then cite. Never be afraid to cite, cite, cite!!!