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Interview with The Author & Characters From the Crucible

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You are a reporter for the Salem clarion and have been granted the opportunity to interview Arthur Miller and the characters from his play,The Crucible Act 1 only .
Ask questions to Arthur Miller and any four characters from the play ( five questions in all), and record each individual’s responses.The responses for the characters (at least a paragraph each) should reflect each characters situation and feeling about what is happening to them.Consider such characters as Abigail Williams,John proctor ,Elizabeth proctor, Tituba etc… .

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Interpreting the Past: Reconstruction

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One of the main jobs of historians is to interpret the past by reviewing primary documents, scholarly secondary sources, and then creating an analysis of this research. After reading your text and reviewing the assigned materials, submit an analysis of Reconstruction addressing the following questions…What were the differences between Lincoln’s and the Radical Republican’s plans for Reconstruction? What impact do you think Lincoln’s death had on Reconstruction? In what ways would Lincoln’s plans have changed the results in the South?

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Analyzing ‘Understanding Oppression’

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Using the categories outlined in the Understanding Oppression reading (the website), come-up with a personal/interpersonal solution AND an institutional/cultural solution to racism as defined by Memmi AND one other form of oppression (i.e. sexism, ethnocentrism, homophobia, ageism, classism, ableism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, transphobia, etc.).

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Bridging the chasm


These chapters constitute an Epilogue to Adler’s proposed theory. In it, he attempts to face the challenges his theory presents and how he makes the final “step” from logical argument to actually positing the existence of God.

1. How does Adler argue for this concluding step, bridging the leap from philosophical argument to theistic acceptance, that there really is a God?

2. List at least three key attributes of the God that Adler accepts as real?

3. List at least three positive results in a person’s life that would likely result from such a reality?

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The Young Lady of Avignon

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Write a 400 to 500 words paper of your oral presentation that you’ll give for your project. Your presentation will require combining the skills you’ve been developing of historical analysis, visual analysis, and personalizing works of art. Your presentation should include the following:

 1) Introduction

 2) Historical Analysis: Think of what information is important about   the artwork, and also what information is interesting.

3) Visual Analysis: Mention all the elements of design. Choose the very best words and use them in a clear way.

4) Personal Reflection: What does it make me think of, make me feel? What role do those thoughts and feelings have in your life? What role could this artwork play in society for others?

5) Conclusion

6) Bibliography Additional considerations:

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Overview of the Kellogg Company

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1. Provide an overview of the Kellogg company talking about what the company does well and what they can approve upon. focus on porters 5 competitive forces that shape strategy.
2. Specify the objective of the firm or unit of analysis
3. Evaluate the Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy 
3.1. Threat of Entry
3.1.1.Develop hypotheses and/or alternative solutions
3.1.2.Specify research/evaluation procedures
3.1.3.Obtain appropriate information and conduct evaluation
3.2. Threat of Substitutes
3.2.1.Develop hypotheses and/or alternative solutions
3.2.2.Specify research/evaluation procedures
3.2.3.Obtain appropriate information and conduct evaluation
3.3. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
3.3.1.Develop hypotheses and/or alternative solutions
3.3.2.Specify research/evaluation procedures
3.3.3.Obtain appropriate information and conduct evaluation
3.4. Bargaining Power of Buyers

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Arabs Vs. Americans in Bilateral Negotiations

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In no less than 8 pages, you will write about Arabs and Americans as they are in bilateral negotiations involving a commercial agreement (you choose the area of commerce). In your paper, please address the following: 

• Provide a brief summary (background) of the two groups that are involved in the trade, e.g. United States and Saudi Arabia, etc. 
• Identify the area of commerce you selected Share if you would select state-state dispute settlement or international dispute resolution. 
• Identify and describe the rules associated with the international arbitration relevant to the international business disputes that may arise, e.g., ICSID rules, the ICC Arbitration rules, UNCITRAL, etc. 

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Changing Behavior in Conflict Management

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As part of my Conflict Management Course, identify a behavior you have when in conflict that you need to change.

You have identified that behavior (Benchmark 1) and have also identified your behavior patterns (Benchmark 2) and done some research on why changing this behavior is important (Benchmark 3). You now need a reflective essay done bringing together all elements into a narrative essay that answers the following questions:

– Your chosen behavior to change
– Why you picked that behavior
– What your patterns are in relation to that behavior 
– What research did you find to help you understand how to change your behavior
– strategies to change 

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Characteristics of Negotiation

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Write an essay that will explore various aspects of Negotiation. Explain the characteristics of negotiation, including the differences between the best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA) and the worst alternative to a negotiated agreement (WATNA). Distinguish between resistance, settlement, and target point relative to the bargaining mix. Examine the issues that would constitute the bargaining mix in various negotiations. Determine the roles that reciprocity and framing play during a negotiation.

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Quality Assurance in The Healthcare System

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Pick any healthcare organization that you wish to visit. Schedule an interview (in-person is preferable, but phone will suffice) with the Quality Assurance Coordinator and discuss the following questions:
• What are the top three issues that your organization is currently facing in Quality Assurance?
• Are there any tools or processes that your organization uses to aid in Quality Assurance? If so, please describe them in the context of one of the issues you are currently facing.
• What Quality Assurance measures do you track on an ongoing basis?
• Does your organization differentiate between quality assurance and risk management? If so, how?
• What advice would you give to help prepare someone new to the field of Quality Assurance?

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