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Case Study: The Importance of Personal Selling in Marketing

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Personal selling is a crucial marketing tool for both small and large businesses. It is especially beneficial for those companies that deal with high-end products. Their target market is mostly other businesses because dealing with individual customers is uneconomical unless you are selling products such as cars and phones. Continue reading

Wikipedia as a Source of Information

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Analyze Wikipedia as an information source, evaluating how it shapes the information we access and understand. Proceed to explain how we evaluate information, including how to use it and whether or not it is trustworthy. In order to do this, you should select a single Wikipedia page that you can analyze as a case study in information literacy. What information is included on the page you are analyzing? What information is not included? What does it address and what does it not address? Where and when do references appear? What types of sources are used as references? Which of the references would you trust most and which would you take “with a grain of salt”? Why? How is the information on the page organized and presented? Continue reading

Resistance in the Change Management Process

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The leaders of XYZ Company are preparing to implement a new change within their organization. Some leaders are concerned about the employees not being receptive to the changes and are unclear on what to do. You have been hired by the Board of Directors for the XYZ Company as an external consultant to provide the leaders with guidance on how to deal with resistance to change. Continue reading

Article Analysis: Effect of Suspect Race on Officers’ Arrest Decisions

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What is the main idea of the article  Effect of Suspect Race on Officers’ Arrest Decisions and why is it important?  What does the author present concerning the major findings of previous research?. What are the supporting points the author(s) presents to support his position? How effective is this information in explaining or supporting the main idea? How does the article compare/contrast to the other readings and the material we covered in class? Based on the readings and other class materials, what opposing arguments can you make? Explain. Are there any additional points you would add to support the author’s position. Is the article well-written and does it present the information in an interesting and organized fashion? Continue reading

Effects of CPOE on Communication

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How does the introduction of a computerized provider order entry (CPOE) system affect communication between healthcare professionals? ( For instance, between pharmacists and physicians or nurses, between nurses and physicians)? What modifications, if any, should be made in workflow to adjust for this change in communication patterns?. Continue reading

Critiquing Readings on Zhen He

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Critique four readings on Zhen He,  and comment on the meaning of the stories. How is Zheng He and his naval diplomatic missions remembered? What makes each story remarkable? Why study it today? Which author, in your opinion, does the best job of detailing Zheng? What is He’s journey and importance in history? Why? Assess and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the presentation of each reading. Continue reading

Mental Healthcare Reforms

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Discuss the objectives, goals, advantages, and disadvantages related to mental health reforms and the current health care system. What role does this aspect play in improving health care services for individuals as well as the community? What would you implement to improve its health care services for the community? Provide a comprehensive analysis of the subject. Continue reading

The Blackfish Documentary

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Write an essay on the Blackfish documentary. The first paragraph should consist of a summary of the film and should be no longer than five sentences. In the second paragraph, explain how a character’s choice/decision exemplifies a particular ethical theory. In the third paragraph, explain how the film relates to the issue we are discussing and reading about in class. In the fourth paragraph, identify one character who makes an ethical choice/decision. What makes the choice/decision philosophical rather than ordinary? Continue reading

Dining Service Styles

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Demonstrate your ability to describe and apply the principles of each dining service style and identify their unique challenges. Begin your paper with a brief description of each of the service styles. In your description, give an example (an event, venue or menu choice) of when the style should be used and discuss why it would be appropriate based on the example. Suggest the types of foods or specific menu items which highlight the use of the service style and discuss the advantages/challenges of each service style. Continue reading

Slavery in African Societies

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In their landmark study of slavery in Africa, anthropologists Susanne Miers and Igor Kopytoff wrote that whereas freedom is considered to be the opposite of slavery in the West for African societies, “the opposite of slavery is belonging.” After surveying the institution of slavery across Africa, Miers and Kopytoff found that African societies sought to incorporate captives into the lineage group of their captors even though the process occurred over generations. Read the excerpt from Scottish explorer Mungo Park’s account of slavery along the Gambia River and the interviews by German Missionary Koelle compiled by historian P.E.H. Hair. How do these accounts help you better understand the meaning of slavery in African societies? What do these first-hand accounts tell you about the different types of institutions of “slavery” in Africa during the era of the transatlantic slave trade? Continue reading

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