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Mapping Assignment

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Identify a geographical area, find a map of it, and include it in the portfolio. Add a brief explanation of why the map has been chosen, link it to the week’s topic, and mark any geographical features on the map that are important to the weekly topic.

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How the worlds of The 1500s were interconnected

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To what extent were the worlds of the 1500s interconnected? In your opinion, was the world on a path to globalization with or without the major European discoveries of the late 1400s? 

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Nurses’ Role in the Preparedness, Response, & Recovery Stages of Natural Disasters

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Describe the role of the nurse in the preparedness, response, and the recovery stage of a natural disaster, such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. Must be at least 300 words. Must identify resources using APA format.

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Learning Outcomes of Your Degree Program

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Research the stated Learning Outcomes of your particular degree program. Briefly outline them in your discussion response. In the subject line of your initial post, state your degree.
ORGL major Educational Outcomes are included in this learning module. For outcomes of other majors, please consult the undergraduate catalog for your college.
Answer the following question.

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How Routine Financial Transactions Shape an Organization’s Financial Statements

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Explain how routine financial transactions shape an organization’s basic financial statements. Ensure to include an explanation of keywords in your response: assets, liability, revenue, expenses, cash accounting, and fund accounting.

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Effects of Drug Abuse by Company Workers

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Scenario: You are the director of safety and security at a major manufacturing plant. The plant has 1,800 workers and runs three shifts a day. The night shift has about 400 workers on it and runs from midnight to 8 a.m. The security supervisor for the night shift reports to you that there are some unusual activities going on during the night shift involving three of the younger male employees. You decide that you will visit the plant during the night shift to observe this behavior for yourself.

The night you arrive, you realize that you know one of the three young men involved, and he has always been a good worker and a very serious person. You note right away that all three men have an extraordinarily high energy level. They are having a hard time settling down at their assembly points on the line. They are whooping and hollering all the time over the noise of the shop. They are aggressive to the point of pushing other employees around physically. You notice extreme cases of acne and body odor on all three men when you walk by them. Their eyes are glassy and dilated.

At their 3:30 a.m. lunch break, they cross the street to an all-night diner. You notice that they sit with a man wearing a motorcycle jacket with local gang colors. They do not eat, but only have coffee. You see them pay cash to the man with the jacket and he hands one of the three men a small package. When the man with the motorcycle jacket leaves, he mounts a motorcycle and rides off. The three men go to the men’s bathroom in the diner. They are in the bathroom for almost 10 minutes. When they come out, they are boisterous, agitated, and overly animated with their movements.

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Information Security in Hospitals: Case Study

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1. You and your other group members have been hired as information security consultants for Heartlanding Consulting.
2. Your group’s first client (BTW: You are very excited!) is “Quick Care” medical. “Quick Care” medical pioneered the drive up checkup – they can check your heart, cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, BMI, all from the comfort of your car in five minutes or less. They have even experimented with performing minor medical procedures from the car. Their slogans say it all – “Having problems with your left arm, we can fix it,” or “Scrapes, bumps, or breaks on your left arm – we’ve got you covered.” However, many patients, of course, still prefer the traditional waiting and examination rooms. 
3. The “Quick Care” medical clinic needs advice regarding security. They recently experienced a break-in, and some perpetrator stole computer equipment containing patient records. Note this happened six months after the office flooded and destroyed some important paper documents. 
4. In the past, computer hard drives have failed, destroying many patient records. The staff feels that they are very lucky to have the paper records so they can reenter the data for the patients in the future. Meanwhile, several examination rooms in the clinic are being used to store the paper-based patient records. 
5. Office staff use simple and easy to remember passwords such as (Love, God, and Secret) and they post their passwords on the office bulletin board, so no one forgets. 
6. One of their servers, located in the patient waiting room, was infected by a computer virus when one patient viewed an inappropriate web site. The staff discovered that the virus protection software was not installed. 
7. The server also supports the clinic’s Internet website, but patients are not required to log in. 

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Benefits of Belonging to a Nursing Organization

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This assignment focuses on your professional development as a Registered Nurse. Some of you already work in healthcare and have a vision and goal as to where you wish to practice. Others have been exposed to several specialties and are still unsure. Finally, some of you are just happy to finish school and secure employment.

Whatever path you choose, it is essential to understand that nurses are knowledge workers in a demanding and stressful environment. In order to flourish and derive satisfaction from your profession, it is vitally important to develop a network and support system of like-minded colleagues. Joining a professional organization is one way to care for yourself and the profession of nursing. Professional organizations are a perfect setting for networking; allowing nurses to share experiences, provide support, and learn about new opportunities. Additionally, most groups provide continuing education and access to professional periodicals to keep you informed and updated.

There are many kinds of nurse organizations. Since you may be investing some amount of time and money in participating in the organization’s activities, choosing the right one is important. for you. In general, professional nursing organizations fall into three categories:

Specialty focused
Special interest

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Watching Vs. Reading Becoming America

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watch video and answer question for this discussion https://www.learner.org/series/biographyofamerica/prog03/transcript/index.html
Textbook required: Henkin, David, and Rebecca McLennan. Becoming America. New York: NY:
McGraw Hill, 2014. Vol. 1. 

1. What did you think of the video? Did it help you retain the information discussed in Chapter 4?

2. How does watching a documentary compare to just reading the textbook? 

3. What are three specific things Professor Miller talked about that you thought was interesting about this time in American history? Did your book describe it in the same way (or discuss it at all)? I will be looking for details here.

4. This documentary is a secondary source. What do you think would be a good primary source discussed in the chapter that you could read to personalize the chapter even more? Please identify the source and include the page number you found it on.

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Emerging Disruptive Technologies

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Choose an industry that could be vulnerable to emerging disruptive technologies.  Then, conduct research to identify emerging disruptive technologies in development, summarize the finding, and clearly identify ways an organization in this industry could take advantage of these technologies.  Be creative.  Highlight the types of disruptive technologies you found that have the potential to give the company a competitive advantage.

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