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Social Performance of Organizations

Social ConnectionsPaper instructions:
write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:
Specify the nature, structure, and types of products or services of Apple, and identify two (2) key factors in the organization’s external environment that can affect its success. Provide explanation to support the rationale. Continue reading

Compare 1950s and 1960 Paintings

Paintings_EssayPaper instructions:

1.    Select an artistic medium in which you are interested.
Compare 1950s and 1960 paintings
2.    Within that artistic medium, start to select specific artistic goods (either objects or events), that you wish to compare in that market or art world. Continue reading

Historical Essay

American_Constitution_EssayPaper instructions:

As depression struck the new nation in the mid-1780s, new questions arose about the nature of American democracy. Many conservatives believed that the answer lay in a stronger national government. Most radicals believed it was up to the states to relieve the financial burden of the people. These sentiments fostered a movement for a new constitution. Political differences soon stimulated the creation of political parties.

Continue reading

Changes in the Roles of Minorities & Women in the 194Os & 1950s


Transformation and change are an integral component of the society, which has led to progress and development in various spheres of life. Through change, positive factors such as equality, improved technology, and a more accountable political system have been introduced to the members of the society or community. Continue reading

International Smuggling, Trafficking, and Slavery

Human_Trafficking_EssayPaper Instructions:

Please respond to each of the questions below in a 4 page paper.

Question One:
Research drug trafficking in Afghanistan, Columbia, and Pakistan and answer the following questions:
• How does the drug trade impact the economy of each country?
• What is each individual country doing to forestall the drug trade? Continue reading

The Objectification of Women in Popular Music

Objectification_of_Women_EssayPaper instructions:

The Sterin textbook (2014) defines media literacy as “the identification, study and analysis of all the processes involved in creating and consuming media content across all media types and platforms.” While this concept may sound simple, it is not. In today’s digital age, we are constantly inundated with media messages from a variety of sources that are deliberately trying to mold our perceptions. Continue reading

Apple: Supply and Demand Analysis

Analysis_of_Apple_IncPaper instructions:

   Part A:

Description of the company (Apple) (less than one paragraph)

Type of industry

One or two products or services Continue reading

Product Usage Categories

Product_usageIn most cases, a combination of products is required in order to ensure that the consumer is fully satisfied. The various products, which are grouped together, either act as complementary or substitute goods. By consuming the products together, the customer is able to satisfy his or her demand fully (White, 2012). Continue reading

Survey of Historic Costume

survey_of_historic_costume_essayPaper instructions:

If you need a source, please use ” Survey of Historic Costume” by Phyllis G. Tortora
1: What are the major sources of information about costume in the 14th and 15th centuries? Why is more information available to the costume historian for these periods than for the earlier centuries of the middle ages? What are strengths and weaknesses of the available information? Continue reading

Contingency Model of Leadership

Contingency_theories_of_leadershipPaper instructions:
In this research paper, you will combine the research paper topic and annotative bibliography with the answers to the following bullet points:
-How does this theory address organization change?
-What are the leader’s behaviors and characteristics? Continue reading
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