Product_usageIn most cases, a combination of products is required in order to ensure that the consumer is fully satisfied. The various products, which are grouped together, either act as complementary or substitute goods. By consuming the products together, the customer is able to satisfy his or her demand fully (White, 2012).

An analysis of , shows several products, classified under their various groups. Using the products, which are available in the website, a camper’s kit would contain a toothpaste, comb, soap, and deodorant, all found under the personal care items (, n.d). Moreover, the presence of snacks in the camper’s kit is necessary, with the main snacks being salted crackers, chips, and breadsticks. My choice for the products which comprise the camper’s kit have been guided by the fact that one needs to be clean and eat food during a camping trip.

By purchasing the toothpaste, it creates a complementary demand for the toothbrush. In this instance, the acquisition triggered a demand for the toothbrush in order to use the paste, therefore increasing demand for the toothbrush. In the case of product substitution, the soap can be replaced with a body wash (, n.d). This substitute is suitable as it accomplishes the same purpose as the body soap. Replacing the body soap for the wash leads to a decrease in the soap’s demand, increasing the demand for the body wash. As a retort to changes in the market and trends, the soap manufacturing companies may shift their production strategies and efforts to the body wash.

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