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Barriers to an Ethical Organization


The article ‘Ethical Breakdowns’ highlights five barriers to an ethical organization. Identify a minimum of two barriers, which you suspect an organization of your choice is most prone to. As a leader, what can you do to reduce the chances of this occurring? Proverbs 4:26 states: “Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.” Continue reading

A company Culture Assessment


Choose a company with a strong, identifiable culture and assess it then create a report that describes the various issues involved in assessing an organization’s culture. The report must include the Description of the background, growth, and current structure of the organization. It must also include formal statements and visual elements that are prevalent in the organization, including the philosophy, mission, vision, values, stories and rituals, slogans, language and sayings, policies, procedures, and/or rules, physical layout as well as the promotional material. What do these statements suggest about the organization, and how do they inform people in the culture? Continue reading

The Decade of Crisis: The Lincoln-Douglas Debates 1858.


In 1858, during a US Senate race in the state of Illinois Stephen Douglas was continuing his path to the presidency by defending his seat against Abraham Lincoln. Douglas was a member of the Democratic Party and Lincoln, a Republican. Ironically, the main issues were slavery and race including the legitimacy of the Dred Scott decision and the spread of slavery into the newly acquired territories in the southwest. There were a series of seven debates that took place in the following cities: Ottawa, Freeport, Jonesboro, Charleston, Galesburg, Quincy, Alton; all between August and October of 1858. Continue reading

The Radical Transformation of the Abolitionist Movement


 Evaluate, after reading relevant journals and books, the radical transformation of the abolitionist movement through the actions and arguments of those like William Lloyd Garrison. Continue reading

Lost Opportunities (What If…)


Historians sometimes talk about lost opportunities. They see bad things that happened in history and say, “This could have been avoided if …” Or, they see good things that did not happen or were delayed for much too long and say, “This could have happened if …” Look for a lost opportunity. Your job is to persuade us that a particular lost opportunity could have been embraced at a particular point in history if only someone or something could have been different. Tell us what happened or failed to happen and why. Continue reading

Transcultural/ Global Health Nursing


Write a 4 page essay about the culture/heritage of your choice and discuss the meaning of transcultural/ Global Health Nursing explaining why this aspect is essential to the nursing profession. Explain the various healthcare practices / believes that are specific to this culture. What are the common illnesses in this region? Continue reading

The Ideal Woman for Adidas


Adidas is the second largest sneaker manufacturer in the US, second only to Nike. The brand operates in 118 markets with global annual revenue of $19.2 billion and a brand value of $7.5 billion. Adidas believes that, through sport, it has the power to change lives. As a result, the brand is obsessed with helping athletes make a difference in their game, in life, and in the world. Within its women’s training efforts, the brand wants to partner with innovative female leaders to further demonstrate its brand commitment. Adidas is looking for a progressive thinker who sits at the intersection of culture and sport. Continue reading

An Analysis of the Memorial Against Non-English Immigration


After reading the Memorial against Non-English Immigration (1727), write a brief response to the material. Use this as an opportunity to discuss some of the major issues or themes in the text. While you will need to re-state some of what is in the textbook to formulate your answer, you must elaborate on what you’ve read. Continue reading

Jurors in the Movie 12 Angry Men


Watch the movie 12 Angry Men and write a reflection essay explaining how the jurors’ experiences do or do not relate to the concepts presented in the text. Please provide specific examples. Also, discuss how, based on your assessment of the jurors’ experience, decision-making in juries can be improved. Be specific with your recommendations and explore if they are realistic based on your knowledge of the judicial system. Continue reading

The Man Who Can Live Alone is Either an Animal or a god


Consider the  quote from Aristotle: “The man who can live alone is either an animal or a god.” First, sum up the main idea behind the quote, and its implications. Then write a well-organized essay in which you agree with, disagree with, or qualify the assertion. Give logical reasons for your position. Continue reading

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