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Healthcare Market Trends

home-healthcare-marketPaper instructions:

Define and describe each of the following 5 health care market trends: CDHP, HDHP, HSA, HRA , FSA. For each trend, your essay must include both: Continue reading

Racism and American Literature

racism in american literaturePaper instructions:

Write 6 pages essay about how racism in America has affected literature. Continue reading

Leadership in Diverse Early Childhood Settings

Leadership in Diverse Early Childhood Settings

Children Gathering around to Learn

Paper instructions:

Begin the project by conducting an environmental scan using the World Wide Web. Continue reading



An Illustration of Extranets

Paper instructions:

Write a research paper on the use of Extranets. The paper must be in APA 6th Edition format. Continue reading

Gay Marriages

gay marriage vote

Banner questioning the Vote on Gay Marriage

Paper instructions:

Should gay marriages be legal? Continue reading

Social Stratification in the United States

social stratification in america

An Illustration of Social Stratification in America

Paper instructions:

In a research paper of (2750-3000 words) and six-nine resources, describe the class structure that exists Continue reading

Psychological Effects of the Korean War

psychological effects of the south korean war

Illustration of a South Korean Fleeing Attack during the South Korean War

Paper instructions:

Write a dissertation on the following thesis: Continue reading

Emile Durkheim/ Max Weber

emile durkheim max weberPaper instructions:

Both Durkheim and Weber offer historical accounts demonstrating how a change in the structure of society is accompanied by a change in our shared meanings and beliefs. Continue reading

Female Leadership: Utopia or Achievable Goal

Womens-LeadershipPaper instructions:

Write 10 pages essay on whether Female leadership is Utopia or achievable goal Continue reading

Political Theory Comparative Essay

Political-Theory-GeneralPaper instructions:

Compare and contrast the views of Socrates, Plato, and Machiavelli on the following question: Continue reading

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