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Media Influence on Children

influence of media on childrenPaper instructions:

Literature Review. Must have at least 10 peer reviewed academic sources referenced in the section. ASA format. Continue reading

The Napoleon Revolution

Napoleon_on_the_CapitolPaper instructions:

Assess the history of the napoleon revolution in relation to Bonaparte Continue reading

The American Dream

american dream validityPaper instructions:

Discuss whether the American dream is still valid.

Continue reading

Business Ethics

Conflicts in the workplacePaper Instructions:

Describe and discuss conflicts inside and outside workplaces Continue reading

The History of Jazz Music

history of jazz musicPaper instructions:

Write a detailed Essay of Jazz Music. Continue reading

Insurance Industry in America

insurance industry americaPaper instructions:

How do insurance companies impact health care organizations, costs, coverage and patients?

Continue reading

Political Participation in the United States

American Presidential Inauguration

The inauguration of Pres. Barack Obama, 2009.

Paper instructions:

How does Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Socioeconomic Status affect Political Participation in the United States?

Continue reading

Human Rights Situation in Azerbaijan

azerbaijan human rightsPaper instructions:

What is the role of the human rights situation in Azerbaijan?

Continue reading

Ethics & Decision Making

ethical-decision-makingPaper instructions:

Write a paper on how ethics affects decision making in organizations. Continue reading

Personal Statement

graduation capPaper instructions:

Describe your career and academic plans and any special interest (for example scientific research) that you are eager to pursue as an undergraduate at our University. Continue reading

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