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Issues Affecting Your Community


Choose an issue that affects your community – your neighborhood, your city , your state , your college campus, or a demographic that you belong to. Then, write an essay detailing what the issue is, where it came from, how it could potentially be addressed or solved, and why it should matter to the reader that this issue be solved.

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How Utilitarianism & Deontology Differ from Charity & Paternalism


Illustrate how Utilitarianism and Deontology differ with regard to charity and the problems of paternalism by using an example (or examples) from the film Poverty

The Social Cost of Immigration in California


What has the social costs of immigration done to California? How much has immigration cost the taxpayers?

Is Classical Greek Sculpture the Paragon of Fine Art.


Critically evaluate Hegel’s claim that classical Greek sculpture is the paragon of Fine Art.

Strong Writing & Writers Don’t Need Revision


Read the article “Strong Writing and Writers Don’t Need Revision” by Laura Giovanelli (pp. 104-108) and describe the contents of the article. Who do you think the article is speaking to? How is the author’s message being made? Why does that message matter?

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Areas of Excellence Scholarship


1) How do your interests align with community and primary care nursing?
2) How will these interests be enhanced through the doctoral nurse practitioner program?

Microsoft Live Meeting Vs. IBM FileNet


Write 1-page paper that compares and contrasts Microsoft Live Meeting and IBM FileNet as two leading e-collaboration software applications. Which one would you recommend to a company with over 200 employees scattered through four offices in California? What are the bases of your recommendation?

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Analyzing a Family Business


Diagnostic: analysis and evaluation of the family business as 3-circles: business, ownership and family,
Pick any family business company and:

(1) provide a short history of their family business, with key turning points, business map, genogram, key family values and criteria for decision-making, and past and current impact (including CSR, community engagement and philanthropy)

(2) Assess the current health of the family business; in particular, discuss issues in the

a. Business circle: document and assess the performance of the family business(es) through a 7S and SWOT analysis, replacing it into its national, industry and generational context

b. Ownership circle: analyze current ownership structure and governance

c. Family circle: draw a genogram and discuss family dynamics and governance

(3) Assess existing resources, including the financial, human and social capital of the family; in particular, use the Lescent/Jaffe/Traeger-Muney assessment provided to evaluate social capital, in the form of the family’s contribution to its community through job creation and CSR, social entrepreneurship and impact investing and philanthropy

(4) Identify key obstacles to change, especially culture and past failures, using Kotter & Schlesinger

Virtues Within Economic Life


Explain the role of the virtues within economic life. Also explain the relationship between the Constitution and the common good.

Transitional Government Policies


Analyze a specific example of a government policy (or policies) that has (or have) inaugurated a major shift in the regional industry of your choice. Over what period did this shift occur? How did this policy come about? Why then? What were the driving forces behind it?

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