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Hannah Hats & Harry Hannah Case Study


Read the Hannah’s Hats and Harry Hannah case study and answer the following questions:
Define the three components to HH’s decision framework and narrow down four objectives.
How can HH increase sales growth?
Explain the meaning of “Framing the Decision” . What are its three components.
Explain the meaning and purpose in using objectives in the MDQ model. Discuss the specific biases and traps that must be avoided.

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Decision Modelling


Find a YouTube video on Decision Modeling, summarize what you learned from the video and provide a hyperlink that allows your fellow students to access it directly from your Posting Find a case study where the Monte Carlo method was applied.  How was it applied, what were the goals for implementing the simulation, and what success was found Find additional “simulation” models that are used to evaluate risk, decision modeling, and future path selection.

Becoming an Entrepreneurs


Examine, using relevant examples, how background and experience can hinder or foster entrepreneurship.

Analyze the link between entrepreneurial characteristics and the influence of personal background and experience to specific successful entrepreneurs.

Determine and assess the key aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset

Analyze the characteristic traits, skills and motivational drivers of successful
entrepreneurs supported by specific examples.

Determine the characteristic traits and skills of successful entrepreneurs that differentiate them from other business managers.

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