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Types of Women According to Octavio Paz


What two types of Mexicans are there according to Octavio Paz? What are the characteristics of these types of Mexicans? What is the significance of the title “sons of La Malinche?’ How did Mexico’s colonial legacy contribute to the development of the Mexican identity?

Unique, Unique Composite, Surrogate, & Foreign Keys

  1. Define the term unique key and give an example.
  2. Give an example of a relation with a unique composite key.
  3. What is a surrogate key, and under what circumstances would you use one?
  4. Explain the term foreign key and give an example

Prince Shōtoku of Japan

  1. Why is Prince Shōtoku’s role so crucial in Japanese history? 
  2. What is the most distinctive feature of Japanese feudalism, in your opinion?

Integrity Constraint


Define the term referential integrity constraint and give an example of one. How does the referential integrity constraint contribute to database integrity?

Ethical & Cultural Relativism


Describe Ethical and Cultural Relativism and indicate differences between our culture to another culture.

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Analyzing Ancient Egyptian Art


Identify, describe, and react to an ancient work of Egyptian art. Be sure to check the date and make sure it fits within the correct timeline.

Underpopulated Cities/Communities


Write an 8 page paper on underpopulated cities/communities . An example of an underpopulated city is such Detroit. However, it can be any other city or community that’s considered underpopulated. suggest solutions to help build up the population.

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The Development of Early Christianity


Trace the development of early Christianity by examining the examples of early Christian art in Chapter Six, the Ravenna mosaics of Justinian and Theodora and their court in the church at San Vitale (Chapter 7), and the various depictions of Christ found in Byzantine mosaics and icons (Chapter 7). Consider the following questions:

To what extent was this early Christian art influenced by the social and political circumstances in which it was created?

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Early Christianity Development


Trace the development of early Christianity through the Old Testament, the New Testament, and from Augustine’s Confessions. Did these early works and writers help to shape Christianity into what would become the most influential religion in the Western world?

Game Analysis: Shadow of colossus


Write an essay analyzing the Shadow of colossus game. Focus your analysis on either:

1. the historical and cultural implications of the game’s design and/or reception; or

2. how specific game mechanics and design choices contribute to the play experience.

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