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How to Improve Your Writing Skills


To improve your writing skills, start by brushing up on the basics. Your grammar and spelling must be perfect. You can achieve this by using resources that will introduce you to the correct use of grammar and widen your vocabulary. There is no known shortcut to becoming a proficient writer. Even the best writers had to learn this craft over a period of time after years of practice. That’s why writing as often as you can is recommended. Set apart thirty minutes every day to write about any topic that comes to mind. This will work to reduce the fear of a blank page. Continue reading

A Team Security Baseline Analysis


Your team’s security baseline analysis should include an evaluation of network forensics information such as traffic analysis and intrusion analysis, as well as the type of information needed for any future forensics investigations. The team’s evaluation of information needs for network forensics could include what is needed to support security software and hardware across multiple platforms, multiple applications, and multiple architectures in order to communicate with the other nations.You will do this by using security baseline tools to build an audit file and then scan their systems. Continue reading

Sociocultural Forces in a Country


Analyze the sociocultural forces within your country. Which specific cultural differences in the country should businesses be aware of? Consider language, religion, societal organization, business customs, etc. Treat this as a report essay. Continue reading

Trump’s Immigration Policies


Write a 5-page essay with footnotes and Work Cited about one of Trump’s proposed policies on immigration or refugee admission to the US. What has he proposed?how might this impact those wishing to enter the US? How about asylum seeker? What conditions must be met for someone to attain refugee status? Which immigrants is this administration eager to welcome? Who are the people being turned away? Continue reading

Factors Affecting 3-6 years Old Children in Hong Kong


Write a research proposal on factors affecting Hong Kong children 3-6 years old perspectives, value, awareness, knowledge of protecting/conserving the environment. Think of a suitable title and suitable/relevant research questions.  This paper is meant to be an exploratory study focusing on the factors affecting children’s environmental awareness, and the research will be a qualitative one.  Continue reading

The Labors and Death of Heracles


Identify the origins of the ‘The Labors and Death of Heracles’ myth , including the location and culture of the people who believed it. Briefly summarize the myth from which the quotation has been taken. Introduce the quotation by describing the scene and identifying the speaker(s) if dialogue is quoted. Tell what led up to this moment and explain why it is Important. Continue reading

Bach Flower Remedy


Create a Bach flower remedy. Bring a small, clearly labeled dropper bottle of the stock essence for other class members and the teacher to try. Try your remedy for a few days. Using observation, meditation, vision questing, or any other suitable method, attempt to identify the effect your particular flower remedy exerts on the mind. Create and present a record of your observations. Continue reading

Sources of Law


Share the sources of law from your state. Provide a working link to the court decisions from your state, the code from your state and the administrative regulations from your state. These are typically found by first going to your state’s official webpage. Please clearly label your links so that I know which source you are identifying. Continue reading

The Difference Between Management & Leadership?


What is the difference between management and leadership? Share an example of characteristics or traits of an outstanding leader. What traits did this leader exhibit? How did those traits impact the workplace? You can use a professional example, or share details of a leader that you admire, i.e., Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, etc. Evaluate the influence leadership traits and/or styles have on an individual’s leadership style Continue reading

Is Drinking & Smoking a Normal Part of Adolescent Life Today?


Has getting drunk and smoking Cannabis become a normal part of adolescent life? After reading two articles, discuss to what extent you agree or disagree with the idea that drinking and drug use have become normative. You should refer to the findings and theory of the articles as well as to your own opinion. You may have a different answer for different kinds of substances and/or in different circumstances or you may not. Continue reading

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