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A court Case Analysis


Find a recent case in the past six  months on a Constitutional Law or Tort Law topic and discuss the facts of the case, what happened prior to trial that led up to the case, and the law(s) that were affected. Also, discuss the issues at hand. This will be the topic that you chose; if there are more issues than your topic, just concentrate on your issue, and the trial Courts ruling.  Continue reading

The Stanford Prison Experiment Analysis


What was the Stanford Prison Experiment? What were its findings on power, authority, and group behavior? Your work must include a thesis argument, include evidence and examples , Quotes and case studies. As evidence,  reference the textbook, lectures, articles, and discussion.
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A Court Case Analysis


Analyze one case that the U.S. Supreme Court or the California Supreme Court has written a decision on preferably within the last five years, although older cases may be selected if of particular interest to the student. The case brief should have a case citation (parties involved and year of the case), brief facts (only the most important facts that the court relied on), issues (the question(s) to be resolved by the court), holding/rule of law (the precedent established by the case, which is the court’s answer(s) to the issue(s), reasoning/rationale (why the court ruled as it did), other opinions (e.g., concurring, dissent), and your own brief analysis. Continue reading

Orientation in New Belgium Brewing


Giving appropriate examples, discuss whether or not New Belgium Brewing have a compliance-based orientation or a values-based orientation. Also explain  how New Belgium engage in continuous improvement. Continue reading

Jurors in the Movie 12 Angry Men


Watch the movie 12 Angry Men and write a reflection essay explaining how the jurors’ experiences do or do not relate to the concepts presented in the text. Please provide specific examples. Also, discuss how, based on your assessment of the jurors’ experience, decision-making in juries can be improved. Be specific with your recommendations and explore if they are realistic based on your knowledge of the judicial system. Continue reading

Challenges in USA


Identify the challenges that a region of your choice in the USA is facing right now. Place the challenges in the world context by indicating your view about the changing world: bilateral, multilateral, or non-literal. Analyze the existing policies we are having in that region, their virtues, and flows. Continue reading

How D.A Pat Brown Encourages Conservativeness


Following World War II there is a general move toward a more traditional America. Using San Francisco (a city known for its vice and corruption) as an example, analyze how District Attorney Pat Brown attempts to implement this conservativeness as the first step in his political rise.

How successful was he? Continue reading

A Comparison of the American and the French Revolution


The two most destructive events in the history of humanistic progress are revolutions and war because they often occur together and they leave massive disarrangements in society. Although revolutions and war cause deaths, human suffering and reorganization of society, they occasionally the result of modernity creating progress in industry, new impetus for commercial progress, and they redress the inefficiencies in development (Eisenstadt, 2017). Both the American Revolution and the French Revolution were terrible events particularly for people who have so much love and admiration for the aristocracy. For enlightened liberals, the two events were sadly inevitable, regardless of the horror they left behind. In the case of the French, a king and his queen were beheaded and the aristocracy abolished. Continue reading

Should Robots Replace Pharmacists


Write a reflective  essay that answers the  question ‘should robots replace pharmacists?’.  Discuss the ethical implications of having robots replace pharmacists.  Your argument should be supported by 5 recent journals. Continue reading

Worshiping with The Church Fathers by Christopher A. Hall Review


Write a comprehensive book Review about  Worshiping with The Church Fathers by Christopher A. Hall. Give an in-depth discussion about  the writer and his style of writing as well as his other related books. The book should be your main source of reference. Continue reading

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