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Clinical Practice Guidelines: Pros and Cons


Explain the development and use of clinical practice guidelines. Also, include the pros and cons of using these clinical practice guidelines and whether you think using them would be beneficial.  Continue reading

A company Culture Assessment


Choose a company with a strong, identifiable culture and assess it then create a report that describes the various issues involved in assessing an organization’s culture. The report must include the Description of the background, growth, and current structure of the organization. It must also include formal statements and visual elements that are prevalent in the organization, including the philosophy, mission, vision, values, stories and rituals, slogans, language and sayings, policies, procedures, and/or rules, physical layout as well as the promotional material. What do these statements suggest about the organization, and how do they inform people in the culture? Continue reading

Born Global Companies


Briefly define and explain the  “born global companies” phenomenon. Which conditions favor the appearance of such companies? Give an example of a company perceived to be born global, and give a brief justification of why the company belongs to this category.  Continue reading

The Decade of Crisis: The Lincoln-Douglas Debates 1858.


In 1858, during a US Senate race in the state of Illinois Stephen Douglas was continuing his path to the presidency by defending his seat against Abraham Lincoln. Douglas was a member of the Democratic Party and Lincoln, a Republican. Ironically, the main issues were slavery and race including the legitimacy of the Dred Scott decision and the spread of slavery into the newly acquired territories in the southwest. There were a series of seven debates that took place in the following cities: Ottawa, Freeport, Jonesboro, Charleston, Galesburg, Quincy, Alton; all between August and October of 1858. Continue reading

The Radical Transformation of the Abolitionist Movement


 Evaluate, after reading relevant journals and books, the radical transformation of the abolitionist movement through the actions and arguments of those like William Lloyd Garrison. Continue reading

Administering The Battelle


Describe how you would explain the Battelle to a professional and how you would explain it to a parent or caregiver. What ages is the Battelle used to assess and how long does it take to complete? Discuss the advantages of having more than one person administer the Battelle and describe its five developmental domains. What are their sub domains? What is the basal and What is the ceiling? Do you have to administer the tests for all five domains? Continue reading

The Significance of Dred Scott’s Decision


Perhaps no decade in the history of the United States has been so filled with tense and crucial moments as the ten years leading to the Civil War, and closely connected with most of these crises was the problem of slavery. Enslaved husband and father to Dred Scott claimed in a lawsuit that he lived in the Illinois and Wisconsin Territory at Fort Snelling and rightfully should be considered a free man. His case was tangled in courts for over ten years before making its way to the Supreme Court. Continue reading

The 5 Warning Sign of an Evil Religion



Write a reflective essay on the five warning signs that show that a religion is becoming evil. The signs include absolute truth claims, blind obedience, establishing the “Ideal” time, the end justifies any means mentality, and declaring a holy war. Write a short paragraph for each one of these and give an example for each. Continue reading

How Sick Holes Affect Property Values & Insurance Rates in Florida


After reading about sick holes in Florida, what is your opinion on them?  What does research suggest? Are experts making any efforts toward putting in place measures that will help detect sick holes earlier in order to give people early warning?  What do you think this does to property values and insurance rates in Florida? Continue reading

Effects of Autism


Describe how Autism affects social Interactions, communication, language, behavior patterns, response to sensory stimuli, and intellectual functioning Use journals and textbooks as sources of reference and provide a thoroughly researched for each of these aspects. Continue reading

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