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Copland’s Appalachian Spring


Describe the plot and music of Copland’s Appalachian Spring and one other piece that you find most interesting. Explain how the piece exemplifies 20th Century style and explain why it appealed to you. Additionally, discuss three concepts or insights in music that you find interesting and why. Continue reading

When to Abolish the Government


The Declaration of Independence contends that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of individual life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it. Under what circumstances, if any, would you personally exercise this right? Specifically, what conditions would have to prevail for you to act to alter or abolish your form of government? Continue reading

The Significance of Dred Scott’s Decision


Perhaps no decade in the history of the United States has been so filled with tense and crucial moments as the ten years leading to the Civil War, and closely connected with most of these crises was the problem of slavery. Enslaved husband and father to Dred Scott claimed in a lawsuit that he lived in the Illinois and Wisconsin Territory at Fort Snelling and rightfully should be considered a free man. His case was tangled in courts for over ten years before making its way to the Supreme Court. Continue reading

Ethical & Social Issues of IT


Write a 4 page double-spaced paper about  ethical and social issues with information systems. Also, the discuss the pros and cons of use use of information systems in businesses considering  both social and ethical aspects. Continue reading

A Reaction to The Alchemist


Write a well-developed book report detailing your reaction to The Alchemist: a book in which  Paul Coelho combines magic, mysticism, wisdom, and wonder into an inspiring tale of self-discovery. It should be clear from your report that you read the entire book. Do not write a plot summary. Did you enjoy the book? Why or why not? What was the best part of the book? Why? Continue reading

The 5 Warning Sign of an Evil Religion



Write a reflective essay on the five warning signs that show that a religion is becoming evil. The signs include absolute truth claims, blind obedience, establishing the “Ideal” time, the end justifies any means mentality, and declaring a holy war. Write a short paragraph for each one of these and give an example for each. Continue reading

Models of Organizational Assessment


Analyze and discuss the Shingo or LESAT 2 models of organizational assessment.  Using your curation skills on the internet, find an example of the use of one of these assessment models and provide the link and synopsis of what you found. Continue reading

Descartes’ Proof of God’s Existence


Explain Descartes proof for the existence of God. What fallacy does this argument commit? Do you find this argument convincing or not? How might he have argued more convincingly, if at all? Continue reading

The Decade of Crisis: The Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854


Illinois Senator Stephen Douglas’ motivation for the Kansas Nebraska Act was clear. He wanted to have Chicago selected as the eastern terminus of the first transcontinental railroad. His determination led to the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the subsequent violence that plagued the territory, referred to in history as Bleeding Kansas. Continue reading

How Sick Holes Affect Property Values & Insurance Rates in Florida


After reading about sick holes in Florida, what is your opinion on them?  What does research suggest? Are experts making any efforts toward putting in place measures that will help detect sick holes earlier in order to give people early warning?  What do you think this does to property values and insurance rates in Florida? Continue reading

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