Date: October 15, 2015

Cultural Difference-Malaysia and Australia

malaysia vs australia cultureEssay instructions:

Explain how the difference of culture in Malaysia and Australia results into different consumer behavior. Continue reading

Scientific Management

Scientific ManagementEssay instructions:

A- Difference between scientific management & hard HRM. ( 4 or 5 sentences)

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Should Immigration be Legal in the United States?

immigration americaEssay Instructions:

The final paper must be a persuasive paper and address two perspectives on the issue to demonstrate knowledge of the debates about the selected issue. Continue reading

Will China Overtake the U.S. as the World’s super power?

china vs usaEssay Instructions:

Write a report based on economic, social and political factors which might or might not make Continue reading

Tata Company Expansion Plan

Tata GroupPaper Instructions

Q1. Tata is looking to take its Nano car to overseas markets. The countries identified were Australia, the US, China, Russia and Mexico by your team, as offering the greatest potential for the Nano.

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