Date: October 7, 2015

Relation of Music with Nursing/Medicine Majors

music in nursing and medicineEssay instructions:

Your research paper examines the association of music or musical concepts within the context of your major course of study.

The Future of Digital Crimes and Digital Terrorism

Cyber digital terrorismEssay instructions:

The Future of Digital Crimes and Digital Terrorism

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Organisational Behaviour and Design


organizational behavior and design

Essay instructions:

Case Study 1:The merger of Snyergis and Abacus  (40 Marks)

 Bill Jones, team leader and support coach at Synergis, an outstanding medium-sized management-consulting firm, walked into the managing director’s office filled with apprehension.  Continue reading

Slave Regulation by the Spanish Crown

spanish crown slaveryEssay instructions:

In what ways did the Spanish Crown regulate Continue reading

Motivating Employees

employee motivationEssay instructions:

Interview your selected manager to determine his or her approach to motivating employees and ensuring high performance.

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