Date: October 6, 2015

Mobile Phone Communication

cell phonesHow has the world changed since the invention of the cell (mobile) phone?

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Recruiting – Human Resource Management

human resource managementPaper instructions:

Watch a one-hour video and answer the following questions
1. What is a Zappos Insider?

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The Epic of Gilgamesh

epic of gilgameshPaper instructions:

A tragic hero is a character endowed with greatness whom fate or the gods condemn to death. Continue reading

Opposing Views: Legal Philosophy

philosophy legalPaper instructions:

Listen to (or read) the speeches by Martin Luther King and George Wallace concerning the issue of segregation

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American History

native american historyPaper instructions:

How did North America become the home of a European-dominated republic – the United States of America? Continue reading

Vanya, Myrna Grant

   Vanya Myrna GrantPaper instructions:

  1. In what ways was Vanya a symbol of the “soul of Russia? Continue reading

Physical Agents ( Vibration OR Extreme Temperature + Legislation, Standards, Administrative Controls That guide them)

workplace agentsPaper instructions:

Exposure and control requirements for physical agents in the workplace are often governed by state legislation as well as guidance and research. Continue reading

Augustines View of Human Nature

augustines view of human naturePaper instructions:

St. Augustine discusses his childhood, he refers to himself as “so tiny a child, so great a sinner.”

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