Paintings_EssayPaper instructions:

1.    Select an artistic medium in which you are interested.
Compare 1950s and 1960 paintings
2.    Within that artistic medium, start to select specific artistic goods (either objects or events), that you wish to compare in that market or art world.

3.    If you are thinking about a “production of culture model,” your initial focus is to examine how these artistic/cultural goods acquire economic and cultural value, and to compare variation in these processes.  Use the examples that we have talked about in class to explore how these social and economic processes takes place.  One way to start is to focus on a specific artistic good and try to be as detailed and as empirical as possible in thinking about what the economic and cultural value of that good is in a specific social context.  Thus you need to approach the concept of “value” as a historically grounded social process, identifying both the individuals and communities that participate in this process.

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