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Achaemenid Persia Sources

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All historians must be careful about sources, but Achaemenid Persia arguably presents some of the greatest source challenges any historian will encounter. Reflect on how our sources for Achaemenid history shape the way we interpret the empire. Begin your essay by assessing the overall nature of the evidence for Achaemenid history—including textual, archaeological, numismatic, and other sources. Why do the sources for Achaemenid Persia present us with such challenges? What is at stake for our broader historical understanding of the empire?

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Descartes’ Opinion on God’s Existence

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1.In the second Meditation, (Kleiman and Lewis, p. 33) Descartes responded to the doubts raised previously — his famous remark that “I think, therefore I am.” Of course, we might say. Isn’t that obvious? So why is Descartes’ remark so profound? (Or is it?)

2.In the third Meditation, Descartes developed the first of two arguments for God’s existence, this one called the Cosmological Proof, claiming there is no other way to explain his having the idea of God than that God Himself gave it to him. (See page 42, in Kleiman and Lewis.) Could we human beings have invented the idea of God? Why did Descartes think otherwise?

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Browsing Vs. Reading Pros & Cons

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Americans prefer browsing the internet as a pastime instead of reading books. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of browsing vs. reading. Your paper should be eight pages long. Be sure to include transitions at the beginning of each paragraph and within the paragraphs, ensure sentences are complex and written correctly, and use high-level vocabulary appropriately

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Making a Good First Impression

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In less than 30 seconds, you have made an impression on others. Present a scenario where your first impression of someone was not the lasting impression. Explain what occurred to change your first impression. Reflect how first impressions affect your patient interaction?

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Social Researcher Skills

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This assignment aims at helping you develop your skills as a social researcher based on the knowledge you acquired in this subject. It requires that you identify a social problem of interest to you, conduct a brief literature on the issue and justify the need for research on the issue. You are then to propose how you would go about conducting that research, paying attention to ethical, theoretical and methodological considerations, including levels of measurements, sampling and relevant hypotheses. You must justify your methodological selection, which will demonstrate your understanding of strengths and limitations of each.

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The Media & Psychological Science

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Find media coverage (live/news coverage) about a psychological issue. Find one empirical journal article that describes original research on the same subject. Carefully and critically consider how well the media/news represents psychological science, given the material in the journal article and what you’ve learned in the course.

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You work for a company called Drone Enhancers Inc. Drone enhancers make modifications to existing drones in terms of payload enhancement and imaging adaption. Your boss, Dr. Bennett (the owner) is an expert mechanical and electronics engineer. He has an FTP Server (Filezilla) that he uses to move his design work back and forth from his CAD systems at work and home. While he is a very bright drone engineer, he is not an expert in Information Technology. You have asked him to let you turn on the FTP over SSL functionality in Filezilla to protect these very confidential file transfers. He states he has a very strong password as doesn’t worry about getting hacked. The other three engineers also have their own FTP servers. It is your goal to get him to make it policy for all engineers to use FTP/SSL for their transfers. Continue reading

Understanding the Lack of Democratic Governance in the Middle East

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Democracy is predominantly practiced by the western world. The disdain Arab nations have towards colonial powers has given democracy a negative connotation. Discuss the causes and effects of the lack of democratic governance in the Middle East. The populations of oil-producing states in the Middle East benefit from the distributive nature of the state, and thus have no reason to pursue greater political freedoms. Non-oil producing states on the other hand have an authoritative one-party system where the regimes promise economic well-being and security/stability in their region in exchange for the population’s political freedoms. Continue reading

GMOs Need to be Excluded From USDA Organic Labeling

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Argue for or against the statement ‘GMOs need to be labeled and excluded from USDA Organic labeling.’ Highlight the current rules for labeling in the United States (individual states?). What are the general goals of USDA Organic labeling? What are the current USDA Organic labeling rules and how do they apply to GMOs? What are the alternative approaches to labeling? Continue reading

Sign Language Aphasia

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Give a critical evaluation of the social, medical and psychological issues surrounding sign language aphasia. Evaluate which treatment options are the best in terms of the psychological well-being and social functioning of the patient. Are there any recent debates, issues and research about this pathology. Continue reading

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