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Controversial Political Believes

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What political beliefs make you angry? How are they at odds with your own values and point of view? What is your impression of people who hold these beliefs? Where do you think these ideas come from? Who are the leading figures on the other side? What leaders on the other side seem most thoughtful and trustworthy? What do they have to say? What is the history of this idea?

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Analyzing a Family Business

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Diagnostic: analysis and evaluation of the family business as 3-circles: business, ownership and family,
Pick any family business company and:

(1) provide a short history of their family business, with key turning points, business map, genogram, key family values and criteria for decision-making, and past and current impact (including CSR, community engagement and philanthropy)

(2) Assess the current health of the family business; in particular, discuss issues in the

a. Business circle: document and assess the performance of the family business(es) through a 7S and SWOT analysis, replacing it into its national, industry and generational context

b. Ownership circle: analyze current ownership structure and governance

c. Family circle: draw a genogram and discuss family dynamics and governance

(3) Assess existing resources, including the financial, human and social capital of the family; in particular, use the Lescent/Jaffe/Traeger-Muney assessment provided to evaluate social capital, in the form of the family’s contribution to its community through job creation and CSR, social entrepreneurship and impact investing and philanthropy

(4) Identify key obstacles to change, especially culture and past failures, using Kotter & Schlesinger

Book Summary

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Read the first chapter of either “What is the Socrative Method?” by Christopher Phillips (starting on page 14) or “The Euthphro” by Plato (starting on page 16)

Write a short, objective summary of 250-300 words which summarizes the main ideas being put forward by the author in this selection Should be a minimum of one page and a maximum of two pages long.
This essay requires that you read the entire assignment, then write a short summary that identifies the thesis and outlines the main argument. it -It is not about your opinion or perspective

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Dispute Resolution: Crime

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Mr. Adam advertises on the internet that he will sell a much sought after baseball card for $5,000.00. He does not actually have the card. Mr. Brown responds to Mr. Adam. Mr. Brown sends Mr. Adam a money order for $ 5,000.00. It turns out that eight other people sent Mr. Adam money orders for $5,000.00. None of the money orders were cashed. Mr. Brown wants to sue Mr. Adam. The FBI arrests Mr. Adam and he is charged with wire fraud.

What are the options available to Mr. Brown for resolving his dispute with Mr. Adam? Which option do you believe is best?

Compare and contrast the burden of proof in Mr. Brown’s case with the burden of proof in the government’s case.. What rights does Mr. Adam have in the criminal case that he does not have in the civil case? 

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The American Revolution

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Explain what the motive behind the American Revolution was. Was the ultimate purpose to remake the American society into an inclusive, democratic nation, or was it simply to seek independence from Britain?  In what ways were certain groups of Americans affected by the revolution?

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Believing Legends Without Evidence

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The legend of King Arthur is well-known in lit. Based on Unsolved Mysteries of History, there is little to suggest that it is true. Do you think it is important for people to believe in legends like King Arthur even if there is little evidence to support them? Why or Why not? Write a short explanatory essay stating your opinion.

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