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Challenges in USA

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Identify the challenges that a region of your choice in the USA is facing right now. Place the challenges in the world context by indicating your view about the changing world: bilateral, multilateral, or non-literal. Analyze the existing policies we are having in that region, their virtues, and flows. Continue reading

Worshiping with The Church Fathers by Christopher A. Hall Review

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Write a comprehensive book Review about  Worshiping with The Church Fathers by Christopher A. Hall. Give an in-depth discussion about  the writer and his style of writing as well as his other related books. The book should be your main source of reference. Continue reading

Solutions for Dichotomous Conditions

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Offer solutions for some of these dichotomous conditions faced between family structure and society’s constraints. Explain how a working mother can have it all, a career and a home life? How can a non-custodial father create a stronger relationship with their child? Continue reading

Effects of Illegal Song Downloading

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Illegal downloading of songs harms not only the many professionals who depend on song sales to make their livings, but it also has the potential to seriously curtail musical expression in the future. Discuss two or three likely causes of the problem you are exploring.When attributing a problem to causes, consider “what are the reasons this situation has gotten out of hand?” or “what factors in the status quo prevent this problem from being fixed?” Continue reading

The Seven Deadly Sins in the Film ‘Seven’

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Using the film “Seven ” as a main point of focus, unpack how the movie highlights the seven deadly sins as extreme forms of vice which can destroy one’s life. Explore John Doe’s perspective and how his killings are meant to exemplify the way the seven deadly sins can harm life. Doe accuses people of accepting sins as trivial r even normal and thus alright. Do you think he is right to castigate such forms of behavior? Focus on one sin in particular and investigate whether it is destruction to oneself and/or others and be sure to use concrete examples. Continue reading

Fridah Kahlo Vs Abeula in The Witch’s Husband

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Discuss the differences between Frida Kahlo, the Mexican artist, and Abuela, the main character in the short story, “The Witch’s Husband.” Be sure to incorporate Frida Kahlo’s biography AND her art. Choose paintings that can be used in your analysis. Continue reading

Differential Association Theory

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Discuss the pros and cons of the Differential Association Theory. Explain how it works and what the benefits are. What are the downsides? Use 12 peer-reviewed sources since 2000 that have analyzed the theory discussing how it worked for them or how it didn’t work. Continue reading

Healthy Ways of Addressing Stressors


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This Creative Reflection Essay will focus on how to cope with specific stressors which are unique or common to this group. In addition to educating them about what these stressors are and how to better manage or cope with the stressors, you will also be raising their awareness of community resources to support them in doing so. The focus of your educational effort will be to raise their awareness about the sources of the stress, educating them about better/more healthy and more productive ways to address their common stressors.

Continue reading

The 4 Dimensions of Behavior

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Prepare a graphic organizer that depicts the four dimensions of behavior. In your graphic include an explanation of each dimension and an authentic example of each dimension. Positive behavior support (PBS) is a contemporary alternative strategy for responding to problematic behavior.  It is designed to prevent problem behavior instead of reacting to problem behavior with punishment.  Continue reading

Why Should you Care About Ovarian Cancer

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Write an essay about Ovarian Cancer. Define the disease and  provide relevant background information.  What are the signs and symptoms? What do you  look for? How do you  find them?  what are the problems involved with diagnoses, if any. Explain in detail the symptoms and describe how the  medication/treatments work . What do the intervention methods  target and how do they work?
Also discuss   the current research on the disease/condition? Are there any new and exciting things researchers are looking into? Why should we care about Ovarian Cancer? Continue reading

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