Mr. Adam advertises on the internet that he will sell a much sought after baseball card for $5,000.00. He does not actually have the card. Mr. Brown responds to Mr. Adam. Mr. Brown sends Mr. Adam a money order for $ 5,000.00. It turns out that eight other people sent Mr. Adam money orders for $5,000.00. None of the money orders were cashed. Mr. Brown wants to sue Mr. Adam. The FBI arrests Mr. Adam and he is charged with wire fraud.

What are the options available to Mr. Brown for resolving his dispute with Mr. Adam? Which option do you believe is best?

Compare and contrast the burden of proof in Mr. Brown’s case with the burden of proof in the government’s case.. What rights does Mr. Adam have in the criminal case that he does not have in the civil case? 

You are not the judge or the jury. I am not asking you who wins. Instead, I am asking you to discuss the legal and factual issues raised by the hypothetical facts.

must use at least two (2) references and follow the American Psychological Association (APA), 6TH edition style of writing papers. Your references can be to your text or the assigned reading. You are encouraged to refer to sources such as a scholarly journal article.