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Criminal Justice Quiz

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Clearly identify statements as TRUE or FALSE (2pts)

 7.   Under the plain view doctrine, police must have prior justification for being present at the scene.

 8.    Under the hot pursuit exception, probable cause may be based upon hearsay.

9.  The exclusionary rule of law does not apply in homicide cases.

10.  Systems theory will allow managers to understand that any changes made in their unit will have a corresponding impact on other units.

11. Misdemeanors have longer sentencing guidelines than felonies.

12.. Under the Fifth Amendment, the Miranda must be read at every stop and frisk encounter.

13. “ Alternatives to incarceration” are not legal in NYS.

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Issues Associated with Social Media Use According to Karl Max’s Theory

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Using Karl Marx’s theory of Alienation to explain the problems that are associated with using the internet and social media. One of these problems is that people‘s privacy has been violated and private information been used by the big corporations for profit which means people are alienated from their own info.
(a) Explain the roots of the problem and how the theory supports your argument: (b) Describe a way to test this explanation; (c) Suggest a possible solution, .

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Bad Professional Communication

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Identify and analyze a sample of one good and one bad professional communication, in your opinion. Write a 2-page paper analyzing both samples using the six SUCCESs principles. Your paper will have one good example with six-principle analysis and one bad example with a six-principle analysis.

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Reintegration of Inmates

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Consider that the vast majority of inmates now serving time in prisons will be released from custody at some point. That said, what can the corrections component of the criminal justice system do to prepare these inmates for reintegration?

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Parole Vs. Probation

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Describe the primary differences between probation and parole. Which is typically the more dangerous of the two with regard to community safety? Which one of them tends to recidivate at a higher rate? Support your answers with evidence from the text and relevant sources.

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Dysfunctional Symptoms of an Organization

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Organizations have been described as addictive, neurotic, dysfunctional, etc. Define at least one dysfunctional symptom of an organization and provide examples of how it can be observed in an organization.Discuss both positive and dysfunctional characteristics of interpersonal or intergroup conflict within organizations. When handled effectively, how might the sources of conflict and power struggles in organizations produce a stronger, more coherent culture?

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Barack Obama’s 2008 Democratic Convention Acceptance Speech


Make a PowerPoint presentation based on an Analytical essay about
Barack Obama’s 2008 Democratic Convention acceptance speech .Your 5- to 10-slide presentation should explain your chosen speech on a literal level and provide a brief discussion of your analysis. The last slide in your presentation should be a learning activity or tool for those viewing your presentation. The goal of the last slide is to guide others in the right direction so that they can develop greater insights about your text and its implications.

Be creative! How can you teach others what you have learned?

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Price Response Survey of Resume Magic Book

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Answer the questions below based on the Price Response Survey of Resume Magic book. 

  • For guidance, see pages 51-54 of Dolan and Simon
  • Van Westendorp reading in Session 1
  • Demand Curve and Regression Review Notes
  1. Using van Westedorp what is the optimal book price based on the data collected?  What are the learnings about possible prices from this method? Plot the data to support your results.
  • Use a simple linear regression to estimate the demand curve Q = a – bP, whereby a is the (constant) estimated intercept term and b is the price coefficient of the independent variable (price per unit).  Interpret the main statistical results and diagnostics.  What is the meaning of ‘b’ and is it statistically significant?
  • You may assume that the AVC (unit variable costs) associated with the production and distribution of each book are $5/unit. Find the ‘inverse demand curve’ where P is defined as a function of Q.  Use the estimated demand function to calculate the profit maximizing price and quantity. 
  • Are there missing variables that would be useful to include in order to estimate the demand function more accurately.
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Interview with The Author & Characters From the Crucible

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You are a reporter for the Salem clarion and have been granted the opportunity to interview Arthur Miller and the characters from his play,The Crucible Act 1 only .
Ask questions to Arthur Miller and any four characters from the play ( five questions in all), and record each individual’s responses.The responses for the characters (at least a paragraph each) should reflect each characters situation and feeling about what is happening to them.Consider such characters as Abigail Williams,John proctor ,Elizabeth proctor, Tituba etc… .

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Interpreting the Past: Reconstruction

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One of the main jobs of historians is to interpret the past by reviewing primary documents, scholarly secondary sources, and then creating an analysis of this research. After reading your text and reviewing the assigned materials, submit an analysis of Reconstruction addressing the following questions…What were the differences between Lincoln’s and the Radical Republican’s plans for Reconstruction? What impact do you think Lincoln’s death had on Reconstruction? In what ways would Lincoln’s plans have changed the results in the South?

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