In a well-developed essay, discuss and describe ”What does it mean to be an ethical or moral person?” 

Write 600-800 words presenting:
1.) 300-400 words: your own current position on the question in bold above, and 

2.) 300-400 words: what led you to take this position. For example, you could speak about the various influences in your life, the reasons why you believe your view is a strong one to take, etc. Ideally, you will give me a persuasive argument about why your position is, in fact, a smart and logical one to hold. 

General Requirements
☐ In your first paragraph, present a clear thesis statement summing up your position. 
Identity your thesis statement by underlining this sentence or sentences. 
☐ For the main terms in your thesis statement, please define what you mean by them.
☐ You must support your responses with specific, real-life examples. If you find that you 
are having a hard time coming up with any, this probably means that your initial responses are vague 
or ambiguous. 
☐ Speaking in an informal, first-person voice (“I believe,” etc.) is required.