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How does knowledge about dis-proportionality influence your perspective?

1. After reviewing the required reading on disproportionality, discuss the overrepresentation of children of color in the child welfare system.

2. What does over-representation mean? In what ways are children of color over represented?

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Advertisements Geared Towards Gender


Find an advertisement that seems geared towards gender to use as an example and discuss it in relation to either Craig or Tolentino’s arguments.  Take a position regarding your assertions and support your argument with excerpts from and subsequent discussion of the article and by using the ad you’ve chosen as a representative. 

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A Product & its Image

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Thomas Hine examines the relationship between product and image in his works.  Using Hine’s examination of the image, consider how your ad illustrates the complex relationship between the product, how it is packaged and the image it is trying to convey.  Consider that every product—from clothing, to cars, to laundry detergent—is packaged in some way to make it appealing to the consumer.  Your ad may not be for something that is conventionally packaged (in a box, for example), but its image is carefully constructed.  How is the product in your ad packaged? 

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Patients’ Privacy Rights

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The use of handheld devices and electronic messaging has increased collaboration among physicians and healthcare staff. However, are patient privacy rights at risk of violation when these devices are used? Are regulations, laws, and security standards in place to truly secure personal health information? Why or why not?

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