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What Constitutes Free Speech

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Neo-Nazis want to speak on a college campus. Their stated goal is ‘to make trouble.’ Give three reasons why they should be allowed or not be allowed to speak. What constitutes free speech? Read about free speech and  civil liberties. Continue reading

Birth Control Pills Accessibility

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Give three reasons for or against over the counter access to birth control pills. Should the government make these products easier/ more affordable for poor women to access or should they continue to be regulated by doctors (which means money for office visits and the added expense of pill). Continue reading

Healthy Ways of Addressing Stressors


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This Creative Reflection Essay will focus on how to cope with specific stressors which are unique or common to this group. In addition to educating them about what these stressors are and how to better manage or cope with the stressors, you will also be raising their awareness of community resources to support them in doing so. The focus of your educational effort will be to raise their awareness about the sources of the stress, educating them about better/more healthy and more productive ways to address their common stressors.

Continue reading

UN Guiding Principals

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Discuss the potential of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights to act as a pragmatic and principled approach to ensuring corporate respect for human rights and corporate accountability for human rights abuses.  Discuss the effectiveness of at least two soft law mechanisms, such as the OECD National Contact Points and the IFC Compliance Advisory Ombudsman, Continue reading

The Structure of Attitudes

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Analyze the structure of attitudes and the link between attitudes and behavior that addresses the three components of cognitive, affective and behavioral.
Address one specific personal attitude that impacts the male gender.  Continue reading

Barnes’ Private Art Collection

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Write a  response to the film Art of the Steal.  What do you think of the decision to move Barnes’ private collection to a public museum? Should the preservation and display of the work come at the cost of the collector’s stated intentions? Who should get to claim ownership over artistic/cultural objects: the collector, the artist, the artist/collector’s estate, the public, or the local or federal government? Continue reading

Do Child Bullying Victims Become Abusive Adults?

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Are children who are victims of bullying more likely to be abusive to others as adults? This assignment will require students to write an essay defining the problem. Provide a brief background on the problem, and explain how the research question would provide answers to the problem. Continue reading

A Suicidal Teen

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Imagine that you are a counselor in an after school drop-in center. You have known 16-year-old Anthony for about a year, as he regularly comes to the center to play basketball and video games with his friends. You have noticed that he has been coming in less frequently in the last two months and, when he is at the center, he is quiet and appears angry or sad. One afternoon, Anthony tells you that his parents are divorcing and his father is moving out of state. Continue reading

Refugee Crisis in Syria

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Give a summary of the refugee crisis in Syria followed by what you think the United States should do in response to this issue. Use ethical Frameworks to support your essay and apply main tenets of the frameworks. Continue reading

Campus Proposal Memo

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Assume that your academic department at UC Davis has up to $2,500 worth of funding available to support an undergraduate project that improves the educational experience of undergraduates in your major. Your department is ready to review proposed projects to be funded by the grant/award ($2,500), and, consequently, has posted an official invitation, or Request for Proposals (RFP). Continue reading

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