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Issues that Affect the Functioning of a Family

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Create a power point presentation of 8-10 slides that includes the following:

Choose a family problem or stressor that can significantly impact the functioning of a family such as military deployment, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence or substance abuse. You may choose another issue but it must be one that presents a significant stressor. Create a power point presentation of 8-10 slides that includes the following:

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Risk of Business Failure

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Think about the role of perceived risk in the failure of two business ideas presented in this section: microwave ovens, which were not widely adopted at first, and growing sugar beets in Maine. Also think about similar cases from your own experience and research them if necessary. Then discuss one or more of the following questions on the discussion board.

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Causes of the Communist Revolution in Russia

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Explain the causes of the Communist Revolution in Russia during World war one. What led to the fall of Cezar and the ultimate triumph of Lenin’s Bolsheviks

How the ERP/ CRM Apps are Used in the Irish Dairy Industry

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 How are the ERP/ CRM apps available in the market used in the Irish Dairy industry (a) Farmers (b) Cooperatives c)  Processors? (350 words)

Some of the Apps that need to be covered are ( you need to be differentiated based on who uses these farmers or cooperatives/processors or both):

  1. InDex WMS
    1. Pasturebase
    1. Herdwatch
    1. Syco Software solutions/Microsoft Dynamics for the dairy industry
    1. Emydex food processing software for the dairy industry
    1. Agrinet.ie
    1. Glanbiaconnect
    1. DelPro Applications

Note: Add more if you can:

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Leadership Theories


Choose a leadership theory or motivational theory and describe why your chosen theory would be the most suitable to meet each of the company goals as listed below. It is expected that different theories would be used to meet different goals. For example, you may choose a Theory X approach to productivity and Theory Z for collaboration.

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The Europeans’ Assumptions of The 1914 War


What were the Europeans’ expectations as they headed to war in 1914? How did they think the war would play out? How accurate were they in their assumptions?

BSIMM – Building Security in Maturity Model: A Study of Existing Software Security Initiatives

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Assume that the SSG has already been created and write an executive summary on its behalf that explains how WBYT (Wild Blue Yonder Technologies) implemented six of the 12 activities. 
Your report should describe how the implementation of each activity contributes to the maturity of the security program at WBYT

The activities are below.

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The rise of Adolf Hitler & the Nazi Party in Germany

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What led to the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party in Germany during the interwar years? How did they come to power, and what did they offer to the German people?

The 3 Leadership Theories


Summarize what research says about these three leadership theories: Equity Theory, Goal-Setting Theory, and Expectancy Theory. Describe the similarities and differences among the three theories. The paper should be formatted into two sections –

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Facebook: Planning

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This essay should be composed of 2 pages focused on the PLANNING aspects of FACEBOOK (e.g., how the company plans its initiatives, how it allocates its resources, etc.).

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