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Refugee Crisis in Syria

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Give a summary of the refugee crisis in Syria followed by what you think the United States should do in response to this issue. Use ethical Frameworks to support your essay and apply main tenets of the frameworks. Continue reading

Campus Proposal Memo

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Assume that your academic department at UC Davis has up to $2,500 worth of funding available to support an undergraduate project that improves the educational experience of undergraduates in your major. Your department is ready to review proposed projects to be funded by the grant/award ($2,500), and, consequently, has posted an official invitation, or Request for Proposals (RFP). Continue reading

A Rose For Emily

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Write a 5 paragraph essay analyzing the theme of Old South vs. New South in William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily.”. The essay must be MLA formatted, must contain at least one quote from each story that you use, must have citations in the essay and include a works Cited page.  Continue reading

The Importance of Writing Client Notes

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The ability to write good contact notes is important because these notes constitute the written record about the service a person receives from you. In addition, these notes serve to document changes in the person, the person’s life, and the service plan. One of the objectives is to keep the notes brief. Too much information can be overwhelming for the reader and can easily be taken out of context. Continue reading

The Impact of Happier Employees

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Envision yourself as the middle manager in your organization. You will write a presentation for upper-level leadership in an effort to initiate an organizational contribution to employees who are interested in outside professional certification.
In your presentation, address the following: Continue reading

Gradual Changes in Romantic Relationships

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You will complete a qualitative research project about turning points, or changes across time in relationships. The goal of this project is to help you better understand communication in a specific type of relationship while giving you the opportunity to apply skills and concepts learned .

Turning points are significant events that either cause a relationship to increase or decrease in closeness. Some examples of turning points in  romantic relationships include first dates, big fights, and engagement  Continue reading

Business Architecture Model

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What is BAM’s business model? What are key drivers of success to date? Key threats? Which sets of customers does BAM serve? How does it create value for these customers? And for the baseball industry in general? Continue reading

Caring by Nel

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Write a book review of the book Caring by Nel. You should discuss the main ideas of the book, the importance of those ideas, comparison with other ideas, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s argument and evidence,
Continue reading

Theories & Types of Unemployment

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Discuss the various theories and types of unemployment. Which theory is the most relevant to your country or the country you work in? Why? in the united states Continue reading

Reproduction of Organisms

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We have seen how lots of different organisms deal with the problem of how to reproduce. Pick two different organisms (any kind you want) and describe how each Continue reading

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