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Classroom Discipline Plan

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  1. Why is it important for early childhood educators to have the learning environment that is clearly organized?
  2. How do developmentally appropriate learning centers and resources promote child guidance and discipline?
  3. Why should activities, such as music, PE, and art be included in the curriculum during the traditional school day?
  4. How should educators have plans and standards in place in the classroom while teaching student what they should know and be able to do?
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Mitigating Health Issues

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Toxic Trespass investigates examples of toxic exposure and increased incidences of marker diseases and premature death. What are some of the resources that the public and public health departments use to mitigate the health issues? Who is at the greatest risk for these exposures?

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Mid Summers Night Dream

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Read the Mid Summers Night Dream and write as essay of approximately 5 pages answering the following questions.

1. What determines whether A Midsummer Night’s Dream seems comic or tragic? Some scenes could be read as simultaneously serious or funny. Pyramus and Thisby is a tragedy that becomes comedic
when performed by the bumbling craftsmen. It could be said that the comedy in the rest of A Midsummer Night’s Dream has tragic underpinnings as well, since the “happy” elements of the
play—marriage, love, passion, youth, celebration—are underpinned with dark images. Analyze this intermixing of comedy and tragedy in the play. Which characters experience the play as tragedy, and which as comedy, and why?

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Violent Media & Its Effects on Teens

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Consider yourself joining an ongoing academic conversation. From your research, you have learned about what scholars and professionals think about your chosen topic, how they view it, and how they respond to what others have to say about it.

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Punishment Vs. Guidance

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What is the Difference Between Punishment and Guidance? Develop a powerpoint presentation that you could use at a family night that will help families of young children understand what punishment is and what positive guidance is and how adult actions can influence positive child behaviors.

Washington Post Watergate Scandal Reporting- All The Predifdent’s men

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Write an analysis of Bob Woodward and Carl Berstein’s reporting skills in their coverage and reporting of the Watergate Scandal.
Comment on:
– The similarities and differences in their reporting styles
– The effectiveness of their news gathering (which reporter’s style is more effective at gathering accurate information and why?

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Is Keto Diet a Healthier Way of Losing Weight?

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Discuss the Current Controversies in keto diet, which is considered a healthier way to losing weight. Clearly identify the “pro” or “con” stance on the controversy and Provide a summary of the supporting research

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Conflicting Ethical Principles

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Identify which ethical principles may be in conflict with the concept of “patients having an ethical responsibility in improving healthcare.” Discuss how these conflicts may be resolved.

Ethical Controversies in implementing EBQI Initiatives

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Discuss three main ethical controversies related to implementing Evidence-Based Quality Improvement (EBQI) Initiatives. Describe how these controversies relate to the four core ethical principles.

Types of Learning

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Explain the stages of classical conditioning.
Explain the stages of operant conditioning.
Explain the stages of observational learning.

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