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Being a Morally Upright Person

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In a well-developed essay, discuss and describe what it means to be an ethical or a morally upright person by clarifying that rules/customs are separate from personal principles. We shouldn’t rely on the way we grew up and how our parents raised us and told us how to completely act.

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The Battle of Gallipoli

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Read about the Battle of Gallipoli and write an essay detailing the background of the war. What were the causes of your war? Where did it occur. What is the historical importance of the war?

Health Education Workshop for Type 2 Diabetes Patients

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Create a health education workshop to promote treatment adherence among people with Type 2 diabetes (7-10 pages). The workshop outline must include the following elements:
Title and Target Population. Select an appropriate title for the workshop outline. In addition, identify the audience and be specific.

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Pros & Cons of Assisted Suicide

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What do you feel are the pros & cons of assisted suicide? Use five references to back up your discussion.

Oregon Vs California Law

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Who is being included in Oregon’s law and who is being included in California’s law? What is the criteria for being included?Who is being excluded in Oregon’s law and who is being excluded in California’s law? Who is being discriminated against in Oregon’s law and who is being discriminated in California’s law?

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Chapter 9 of Abernathy’s Text Book

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Read Chapter 9 of Abernathy’s textbook:
1. In your opinion, discuss how the 2016 election was particularly unconventional as compared to previous elections. Focus your discussion on what we know about the traditional American two-party system of politics.

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What is Your Opinion on GMO

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Are GMO a helpful application of technology or an unnatural tinkering with our food supply that lacks sufficient regulations?

Chapter 8 of Abernathy’s Book

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Read the 8th Chapter of Abernathy’s textbook:
1. In your opinion, how have the sources of Americans’ political news changed during the 21st century? Use examples to explain or describe what these changes mean in today’s political and social environment.
2. In your opinion, how have changes in social media consumption and production impacted the ability of Americans to get their voices heard?

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Gender Role Development

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Discuss how a person’s gender role development is affected by their parents, peers, religion, teacher and the media. Make sure to touch basics on all these different subjects.

Psychological Disorders

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Choose the psychological disorder that is of the greatest interest to you and summarize its diagnostic criteria. Explain why this disorder is considered abnormal behavior.Compare two approaches to understanding this disorder (such as biological vs. sociocultural) and state which approach you prefer (and why).

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